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D&D Sourcebook - Galder's Gazetteer

Galder’s Gazetteer Book Review – NEW D&D 5E Supplement

100% of proceeds from the sales of this book are being donated to the Cancer Research Institute. You can read more about Laurence’s story and what you can do to support youth early diagnosis at Galder’s Gazetteer is a 192 page book for advanced

Creepy D&D Magic Items for Halloween

Creepy D&D Magic Items for Halloween or Horror Campaigns

Hello there adventurers and welcome to Wally DM. Below are 6 Creepy Magic Items for Halloween or any horror-inspired campaign. I hope you are able to use these in your game and that your players find them fun and valuable. Please note that the following

Homebrew D&D 5E Monster – Chicken Harpy

Hello adventurers. Here is my 2018 Homebrew Monster that I submitted to Kobold Press for consideration and possible inclusion in the Creature Codex. Unfortunately my monster did not make the cut, but I enjoyed the experience and challenge of brewing my own monster. While there