D&D 5E Dice Mini Games – Chess, Jousting & Gimble!

Download the PDF for Jousting 5E and Chess 5E as well as other casino dice mini games. Less than $1.00 USD, Wally DM’s Dice Mini Games is available now for download on DriveThruRPG. This document includes free updates when additional dice mini games are added for Dungeons & Dragons™ 5th Edition or other TTRPGs.

Wally DM’s Dice Mini Games

D&D Journal of Puzzle Encounters

Included in this PDF is 5 pages of material for TTRPGs and 5E.

  • Jousting Rules for 5E
  • Chess Rules for 5E
  • How to Play Gimble! Dice Mini Game – Casino game

Each mini game takes less than 1 Minute to resolve the results of the Joust, the Chess match, or the casino game of Gimble. Perfect for a quick and simple side event in your game or campaign.

Going forward, I plan to incorporate future dice games into this document and send out free updates to everyone who has purchased this title when revisions are available.

As of February 2024, three games are included. Jousting for 5E, Chess for 5E, and a system agnostic dice game, Gimble. One more game is planned for 2024, Roulette.

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How to play a Chess Mini Game in D&D

That’s all for now! On to the next!

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