Homebrew D&D 5E Monster – Chicken Harpy

Hello adventurers. Here is my 2018 Homebrew Monster that I submitted to Kobold Press for consideration and possible inclusion in the Creature Codex. Unfortunately my monster did not make the cut, but I enjoyed the experience and challenge of brewing my own monster. While there is a chance that the Chicken Harpy could be in a future Kobold Press publication, it can now be shared as Open Content under the Open Gaming License.

In this article we have a short introduction of the Chicken Harpy in addition to the link to DOWNLOAD the PDF of this monster so you can use it in your game. Also, be sure to check you my YouTube channel on Wally DM where we take an inside look on this weird Harpy variant.

Chicken Harpy

A stout Dwarven woman with a feathered head and red comb stare down from her perch. Her awkward, disproportionate wings flap wildly as she readies her hammer, cocks her head to one side, and begins to cluck in torturous rhythm.

A Chicken Harpy combines the body, legs, and wings of a chicken with the torso, arms, and head of a female dwarf.

CHICKEN HARPY – Homebrew D&D 5E Monster

TREASURE HUNTERS. Chicken harpies are driven by their infatuation of small, shiny objects, gems, and jewelry. It is not uncommon for them to engage in combat with hopes of acquiring items rather than killing for a meal. They are omnivorous enjoying meat but are also able to sustain a diet of grains and seeds. Chicken harpies usually roost in abandoned barns, windmills, or other buildings where they can perch on a horizontal beam in the upper parts of the building.

CLUCKING SONG. Unlike other species of harpies, the song of a Charpy is dreadful. It has a rhythmic beat that will bore itself into the subconscious of its victims. They use their clucking song to crush the minds of their opponents and may taunt them by staying out of melee range and letting their malicious melody deal the damage.

Chicken Harpy Video Review

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