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Lunar Sorcerer 5E Character Build – Twinned Metamagic

The Lunar Sorcerery subclass can be found in Dragonlance Shadows of the Dragon Queen. Before the book’s release, I was looking forward to creating a moon-themed sorcerer similar to two of my other favorite classes the Twilight Cleric and the Circle of Stars Druid. Unfortunately,

D&D Wild Magic Sorcerer Build 5E

D&D Wild Magic Sorcerer Character Build 5E – Chaos Mage

One of the original subclasses from the Dungeons and Dragons™ 5E Player’s Handbook is the Wild Magic Sorcerer. The flavor of this class presents the possibility that random magical effects could occur with the casting of leveled spells. We call this a Wild Magic surge.

The Time Mage – D&D Chronurgy Wizard Build 5E

Hello there adventurers! Today we will be creating a Time Mage or Chronurgy Wizard character for 5E Dungeons & Dragons. This Chronurgy Wizard build will focus on spells and abilities that that can speed up, slow down or outright stop time for friends or foes.

Order of Scribes Wizard DnD 5E Build

D&D Order of Scribes Wizard 5E Build – Tempest Cleric Multiclass

Today we create a Blue Dragonborn Lightning Wizard using the Order of Scribes Wizard on D&D Beyond. This character build will include a 2 level multiclass into Tempest Cleric to maximize our Lightning and Thunder spells. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Multiple Damage Types Rituals Lightning/Thunder

Dungeon Delver Build D&D 5E Character

D&D Dungeon Delver Build 5E – Triple Multiclass Character

The Dungeons and Dragons™ character build your DM does not want you to see! Haha, okay, maybe a bit extreme. But today’s TRIPLE Multiclass 5E character build is a master trapsmith and puzzle solver, the Dungeon Delver 5E build! Our character is be a master

Way of the Ascendant Dragon Monk Build 5E

Ascendant Dragon Monk 5E Build – D&D Character Guide

Hello there adventurers! Today we will be creating a Kobold Way of the Ascendant Dragon Monk character for 5E Dungeons &:amp; Dragons using Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. The Ascendant Dragon Monk emulates the abilities of Dragons. Followers of the Way of the Ascendant Dragon will

D&D 5E Drakewarden Ranger Build

D&D Drakewarden Ranger 5E Build – Topaz Gem Dragonborn

Hello there adventurers! Today we will be creating a Dragonborn Drakewarden Ranger character for 5E Dungeons &:amp; Dragons using Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. A Drakewarden Ranger has a connection to the natural world that allows them to manifest a drake as a traveling companion. This

D&D Undead Warlock 5E Build – Dhampir Lineage

Today we create an Undead Warlock on D&D Beyond using Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. In this #DnD5e character build we will begin at level 1 and advance through level 10. Along the way, we will discuss the spells, skills and abilities selected with this