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Ambervain is a small town located on the Amber Wave River. When the sun rises in the morning, there is a moment when the entire sky turns the color of amber. A natural marvel from which Ambervain’s name originates. Set on the edge of the new world, Ambervain serves as a port for those that wish to dive deeper into the land and uncover its untold mysteries. The residents will warn travelers and visitors of their town to be leery, for dragons can be found beyond the gates of Ambervain.

“Be careful traveler, here be dragons!”

Shops and Commerce

NPCs found in Ambervain

Auroris - Changeling Magician
Othain Treewhisper - Dwarven Brewer
Philappina (Flippy), Gnome Locksmith


Ziona, goddess of Industry, Respect of Laborers, Workplace Safety (Forge Domain).
Alamira, goddess of Family and Harmony
Lolous, god of Beer and Revelry
Xorn, god of Insects and Earth



The town of Ambervain rests upon the bank of the Amber Wave River.

Holidays and Festivals

Festival of Unity. Ambervainians look forward to the Spring as the beginning of a new life cycle and a day of peace among the deities of the realms. The temples of Ambervain

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