Othain Treewhisper – Dwarven Brewer

Brewer, Dwarf
Alignment: Neutral Good
Location: His home in Ambervain.

APPEARANCE: A plump dwarf with tangled white hair, a big puffy beard that hangs down past his bellybutton, rosey cheeks and emerald eyes.

PERSONALITY: Easy going. Almost dopey. Many think Othain Treewhisper to be a little slow in the head but he just likes to take his time and think about life. He is relatively smart and wise he just likes to contemplate his surroundings and words before speaking them so he is often mistaken as kinda dumb

VOICE: Slow Speech Pattern

ITEMS/TRINKETS: Carries an old druidic relic with him from his time spent as a druid.

LIFE: He studied the ways of the druids during his youth but retired that life to do what he likes most. Brew ale and share it with whoever pulls up a stool. His signature ale is the “Whisperbrew” the secret ingredient being goodberries. He spends his days and nights working at the tavern serving up drinks and helping prepare food. He uses shape water to fill patrons mugs, sometimes skipping the mugs and going straight from tap to mouth.

RUMOURS/SECRETS: He knows the local gossip, especially anything relating to nature or in town.

Currently resides in Ambervain.
Othain Treewhisper is an NPC submitted by TheAceman1100, from the Wally DM Discord

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