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Hello there adventurers and welcome to Wally DM. Today’s list features our October 2019 Discord Dragons providing Spooky Trinkets and Magic Items that can be used in your games.

d20 Magic Item Type Item
1 Coin of Fate Wonderous Item – Rare a Coin
2 Revolting Armor Armor Hide or Leather Armor
3 Dread Locks Wonderous Item Padlocks
4 Vanity Shard Wonderous Item Piece of a Mirror
5 Ring of Maleficence Ring, Legendary a Ring
6 Mask of Rage Wonderous Item a Mask of an enranged face
7 Wand of Wanding Wand, Very Rare Mysterious looking Wand
8 The Dark One’s Artifact Wonderous Item, Legendary Black Dragon Scale tipped with Silver
9 Jack O’ Stabber Dagger, Rare Dagger decorated like Candy Corn
10 Voodoo Doll of Pain Wonderous Item, Uncommon Plush Doll with 3 Pins
11 Candle of Bright Night Wonderous Item a magical candle
12 Clockwork Music Box of Melancholy Wonderous Item a magical music box
13 Orb of Night Vision Wonderous Item a mummified eyeball
14 Vorai-Khan, The Crimson Hunger Longsword, Legendary a sentient legendary sword
15 The Jester’s Skull Wondrous Item, Legendary a an enchanted skull of a jester
16 Staff of the Third Eye Weapon a Quarterstaff appearing as tentacles with an eye on top
17 Executioner’s Axe Weapon, Very Rare a Greataxe
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Coin of Fate

Wondrous Rare submitted by North
1 charge. Coin of Fate regains 1 charge at the dawn of every 7th day.
User can spend one charge to flip the coin to determine the results of the next roll, whether it will succeed or fail.
Heads: Natural 20
Tails: Natural 1

Revolting Armor

Armor (Hide or Leather) submitted by GrumpyTurtle
Hide or Leather armor made from poorly/ uncured flesh. Smelly but effective. May negatively impact charisma with a bonus to intimidate.

Dread Locks

Wonderous Item submitted by Devs
A set of masterwork style padlocks that, when someone attempts to open them without the right key, unleash an aura of slight terror that causes creatures on the intruders’ side to flee in a mild panic unless they pass a will saving throw.

Vanity Shard

Wonderous Item submitted by Git777 (Grant)
This palm sized shard of mirrored glass has steel wire wrapped around three of its five edges. The Vanity Shard is an inherently evil object that is haunted by a dark fey entity. When looking into the Vanity Shard, the observer will see their own reflection and a creature stood behind them, looking over their shoulder. This creature looks like a tall, thin, aged woman made of twisted steel wire, her eyes are missing, not simply removed or not there, but as if the woman where an image on paper and someone had scratched out her eyes.

On seeing the creature, the wielder hears a whisper of a name. The name is not a sound nor spoken in silence but is an “Un-Sound”- a word that no mortal creature can repeat. The wielder must pass a Wisdom saving throw DC 15 or become frightened of the Vanity Shard and the entity it saw for a minute. For the next minute the entity appears to those who fail their save in any reflective surface.

If The wielder passes the Wisdom saving throw they can chose to speak the name that the entity gave, this will cause the entity to speak through the wielder. The wielder can do this once and the ability refreshes on a long rest.

When speaking the Command word of the Vanity Shard all creatures (friendly and hostile) within an area of a 20ft. radius of the wielder begin to bleed from their eyes, nose and ears. This distracts the affected creatures and they can no longer use reactions or bonus actions for 1D6 rounds.

In addition, while the Vanity Shard is activated, the wielder of the Vanity Shard can hold out the shard in an attempt to force targets to look at it. As a free action the wielder can point the shard at a target within 10ft. of it, the target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw DC 15 or become frightened for 1 minute The Frightened target can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. If a target’s saving throw is successful or the effect ends for it, the target is immune to the Vanity Shard’s fear effect for the next 24 hours.

Ring of Maleficence

Wonderous Item – Legendary – (Requires Attunement) submitted by LordValinar

Trapped inside this ring is a mysterious entity of an infernal nature, although not of any known classification of devils.

As an Action, the user selects a space within 30 feet of themselves that they can see. The entity within is then summoned as a whisp of black and red smoke and materializes into a duplicate of the user in both appearance and abilities, hit points, class features, and so on. The entity gets its own initiative in combat and regards the user as a trusted friend and ally, taking in consideration any commands but does not necessary have to follow.

The entity has a Lawful Evil alignment and when summoned it will attempt to tempt the user into doing wicked deeds – usually related to the vice of the user. If the user is fond of helping people (charity), then the entity will temp the user into becoming greedy, hoarding more treasure for themseves, or might run off to kill a rich and entitled noble, stealing their riches for the user. Typically expecting to be rewarded for this behavior.

The entity has a natural Regeneration of 1 hit point at the start of its turn if it has at least 1 hit point and has not taken radiant damage on its previous turn. It cannot be healed by any other method unless it is unsummoned into the ring. The entity is always summoned with maximum hit points.

The entity lasts until it is reduced to 0 hit points or until the next dawn, which ever comes first and cannot be resummoned for the next 24 hours. The user may attempt to unsummon it with a contested Charisma check against the entity. If the user fails, the entity may decide to become hostile.

CURSE: Once worn, the ring cannot be removed. It can be removed when traded away for an item of personal importance.

Mask of Rage

Wonderous Item submitted by Foerick
Wooden mask representing an enraged face. +2 AC and +2 Strength (exceeding maximum)

Upon entering combat the wearer must make a wisdom save DC 15 or go into a rage, attacking the nearest living creature friend or foe. While in this rage the wearer gets the following:

  • Two attacks with their fists +7 to hit and doing 1d10+7 bludgeoning.
  • They take half damage from slashing, piercing and bludgeoning attacks.
  • Gain advantage on strength saves and skill checks
  • Regeneration 10 hp at the beginning of their turn

The rage only ends if there are no living creatures in sight. The mask can only be removed if the wearer is healed for 20 HP with a spell effect while in a rage. Remove curse does not affect the mask.

Wand of Wanding

Wand, Very Rare submitted by Itallion Stallion (Tanis)
From The Storerooms of Doctor Marvin’s Marvelous Magical Machinations of Majesty

A mystical looking wand imbued with a great power

The Wand of Wanding, brought to you by Doctor Marvin’s Marvelous Magical Machinations of Majesty, comes ready with a single charge of “Create Wand of Wanding”. Upon using this spell, the original wand is destroyed and replaced by a new Wand of Wanding with, you guessed it, one charge. The destruction of the first wand leaves a small pile of ash on the floor

The Dark One’s Artifact

Wonderous Item, Unique by Leiana2213 (Celeste)

A black dragon scale tipped with silver. An artifact said to hold the power of an evil deity.

An item rumored to cause madness, fear, whatever else works, and its parasitical so the possessor becomes a host for the evil deity.

Jack O’ Stabber

Dagger, Rare submitted by Immortal Origins

Trick or Threat? You gain +3 to Attack Rolls with this weapon during the Night. Deals 2d4 damage and causes the target to bleed 2d4 pieces of candy (once only).

Candy heal 1d4 HP and if more than 10 candy are eaten during 31 hours your Constitution suffers a -2 penalty until your next short or long rest

Voodoo Doll of Pain

Wonderous Item, Uncommon submitted by Wally DM

This is a plain looking plush doll that comes with three voodoo pins. Using an action, the owner of the item can have the doll magically take on the features of a small to medium sized humanoid they can see within 30 feet.

Once the doll resembles a humanoid, the owner of the doll can take a pin and insert it into the plush doll causing 3d6 points of piercing damage. The target may make a Wisdom saving throw to negate the effect. The doll may be used in this manner using all three pins. Each one takes an action. The voodoo doll can only be commanded to resemble a humanoid and used once per day.

Candle of Bright Night

Wondrous uncommon submitted by Fox
For one hour this Candle sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. This light can only be seen by the user and can be used in magical darkness

Clockwork music box of melancholy

Wondrous rare submitted by Fox

When this music box is played, a sad tune can be heard in a radius of 30ft. Every creature who can hear the music must make a wisdom save (DC 16) or be charmed by this box for one minute. Charmed creatures are incapacitated and their speed becomes 0.

This charm ends when they take damage or another creature uses their action to shake them awake. Creatures who heard the music are immune against this effect for 24 hours.

Once this music box is shut, it stays closed until midnight

Orb of Night Vision

Wonderous Item submitted by GrumpyTurtle
The necromancer the next town over makes them. It is a mummified eyeball that forms a telepathic link with the processor to grant them night vision.

Vorai-Khan, The Crimson Hunger

Longsword, Legendary (requires attunement) submitted by LordValinar

A sentient +3 Longsword – Neutral Evil with an INT 16, WIS 14, and CHA 19.

The Hunger(Must be fed/bathed in blood once a day before dawn): +2d6 necrotic (target maxHP reduced; you heal for half)

The Turning: Contact for chart – too long to list here – turns wielder slowly into a vampire

Sentient: hearing and darkvision 120ft; Common and Abyssal + any languages you know while attuned. Can communicate telepathically with wielder.
Personality: Quiet, likes to listen and learn. When it speaks, it’s a sharp, cold, and serpent-like mannerism; often suggesting courses of actions that lead to bloodshed and suffering if it knows they can get away with it.

Campaign Ideas: could go with any setting. Could’ve been made by Orcus to curse war mongering mortals, or homebrew settings housing the soul of an ancient vampire lord (too Sword of Kas cliche), or whatever

The Jester’s Skull

Wondrous, unique submitted by Fox

This skull curses the first person who touches it. Cursed creatures must talk to this skull for 10 minutes each day. If they fail to do so they suffer the following effect the first time they receive damage in this day:
The cursed creature must make a Wisdom Save (DC 18). On a failed save the creature suffers from a short term madness for 2d4 rounds

d100 / d% Effect
01-20 The character retreats into his or her mind and becomes Paralyzed. The effect ends if the character takes any damage.
21-30 The character becomes Incapacitated and spends the Duration screaming, laughing, or weeping.
31-40 The character becomes Frightened and must use his or her action and Movement each round to flee from the source of the fear.
41-50 The character begins babbling and is incapable of normal Speech or Spellcasting.
51-60 The character must use his or her action each round to Attack the nearest creature.
61-70 The character experiences vivid hallucinations and has disadvantage on Ability Checks.
71-75 The character does whatever anyone tells him or her to do that isn’t obviously self-­ destructive.
76-80 The character experiences an overpowering urge to eat something strange such as dirt, slime, or offal.
81-90 The character is Stunned.
91-100 The character falls Unconscious.

This effect can be suppressed by a Calm Emotions spell or it can get cured by Lesser Restoration. The skulls curse can only be broken by a 5th or higher level Remove Curse

Staff of the Third Eye

Weapon submitted by LordValinar
+2 Quarterstaff; 8 charges; regains 1d4+1 at dawn. The wielder has advantage on saving throws against Illusions

For 1 charge, the user may cast one of the following spells from the staff:
Comprehend Languages, Detect Magic, or Identify

For 2 charges, the user may cast one of the following spells from the staff:
Detect Thoughts, Locate Object, Mind Spike, See Invisibility

The staff appears as multiple dark-purple slimy tentacles (similar to an Illithid). Atop the staff is a golden orb with a sliver of black material inside giving it the appearance of an eye

Executioners Axe

Weapon (Greataxe), very rare (requires attunement) submitted by Fox

You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magical weapon.

When you reduce an enemy’s HP to 0 you can use your bonus action to decapitate him. Every hostile creature in a 30 foot radius who can see the execution must make a DC 15 Wisdom save or becomes frightened by you for 1 minute. Frightened creatures can make another save at the end of their turn.

After an execution your weapon attacks score a critical hit on a roll of 19 or 20 for 1 minute. After this minute you gain 1 level of exhaustion

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