Encrypted Sand Crypt Puzzle – Complex Trap

The characters are trapped inside a dungeon chamber or crypt with a large amount of loot, but the room is filling with sand. They need to enter a passcode in order to escape before they are buried in the Encrypted Sand Crypt for all eternity.

This encounter features a puzzle with a complex trap created by Wally DM and phased battle maps designed by Domille’s Wondrous Works. Domille is a professional map designer specializing in Phase battle maps. The Encrypted Sand Crypt is an Egyptian tomb style of trap with a puzzle. The encounter involves a multi-layered battle map where players navigate through different phases as they attempt to solve the puzzle and avoid being buried alive by sand. The situation unfolds in five distinct layers, each representing a different stage of the challenge, from the characters’ initial arrival to the final struggle to escape the sand-filled chamber. The battle maps integrate well with VTT virtual table top such as Roll20.net.

In the puzzle room, players encounter various elements including snake-headed columns, an enigmatic stone door marked with a glowing ‘W,’ and a treasure chest atop a pedestal. Clues scattered throughout the room, such as the word ‘BET’ and ‘Alpha’ with accompanying numbers, provide hints for deciphering the puzzle. To escape the chamber, players must manipulate arcane runes on stone blocks to unlock the door by correctly adding up their values. Meanwhile, the room gradually fills with sand, adding urgency to their task. Will your characters survive? Let’s roll for initiative and find out!

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📚 Wally DM Puzzle Book (for more puzzles):
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Encrypted Sand Crypt – Complex Trap D&D Puzzle Idea

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