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D&D Puzzles – The Prismatic Owl 2 Electric HootaLoo

Every great puzzle should have a sequel. Three years ago we adventured into the Room of the Prismatic Owl. Now our adventuring party must collect all 5 Owl Statuettes and place them in the correct order on the Dais and lock them in place… If

D&D Halloween Ideas

D&D Halloween Ideas

Are you running a Haunted House adventure for your RPG, D&D or Pathfinder Adventure? Perhaps looking for some ideas to add to your Halloween one-shot? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few puzzle-type ideas, quests for Halloween Monsters and magic items that you can

D&D Puzzle Ideas – Eyes of the Beholder

Our heroic adventurers have found themselves trapped in a room with no way to get out. They find a stone statue of a Beholder. It’s center eye is active and dousing the area with an anti-magic ray, but it’s eye stalks are empty and void

Puzzles for D&D – The Chamber of Tymora – Wally DM

Our adventurers are exploring an abandoned, underground casino that has remnants of worship to the goddess Tymora. In order to access a hidden chamber, obtain an item or receive a blessing of good luck, four cards must be drawn from a deck of 52 cards.