D&D Sewer Door Puzzle – Xanathar’s Hideout Waterdeep Dragon Heist

This D&D Door puzzle can be used in your Waterdeep Dragon Heist game or altered so that it aligns perfectly with what you are doing in your current game!

For Dragon Heist: Our adventurers have previously encountered Xoblob and his trinket shop with the stuffed Beholder, they have overheard two Goblins communicating and think one of their names is “Blades”, there is rumored to be a portal in the Xanathar hideout, and now they need to enter through a Rusty old Door with an “eye” sketched into the door.

Will your players apply the correct combination to open the Sewer Door without triggering the alarm? Find out in this Puzzle that was made specifically for Chapter one of Waterdeep Dragon Heist!

Links for the Puzzle Combinations so you can share with your players can be found here:

Dragon Heist Xanathar Hideout Puzzle

Dragon Heist Xanathar Hideout Puzzle

Sewer Door Puzzle Demonstration

Check out my YouTube Video to learn how to use the Sewer Door Puzzle in your game!


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