Pathfinder D&D Puzzles – Summoning Circles

Our adventurers need to summon a spirit from the past to gather information for a problem in the present. They travel deep within the trials of a dungeon in search of Summon Circles to fulfill a ritual. However, the instructions for this ritual are in the form of a cryptic message or riddle. Will they successfully summon help from the past or will they accidently unlock a gateway to an evil dimension??? A solid #puzzle or quest idea for your #dnd or #pathfinder game!

Here is the image of the Summoning Circle so you can print it out or share it with your players in your D&D Game.
Summoning Circles Puzzle

You can also download the Riddle / Cryptic ritual used to summon the entity
Summoning Circle Puzzle - Wally DM

Summoning Circles Puzzle Video

Watch the video here on YouTube for a FULL DEMONSTRATION on how the puzzle works.

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