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D&D Halloween Ideas

Are you running a Haunted House adventure for your RPG, D&D or Pathfinder Adventure? Perhaps looking for some ideas to add to your Halloween one-shot? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few puzzle-type ideas that you can use in your game!

D&D Halloween Puzzle – Scare Crows

Our adventurers have entered the 2nd floor of an open floored, atrium-like area of the mansion. The balcony/catwalk extends around the room and they find a dial with several runes inscribed on it. If they look over the railing, about 5 feet down, the only thing visible is hundreds of crows flying about. Floating at eye level in the middle of this area is a transparent door. How do the characters access a floating, transparent door? and what is up with all of these crows?

D&D Halloween Idea – Wall of Aging – Stingy Jack Legend

Our adventurers are given the responsibility to close a rift in a portal that is allowing Devils from the Nine Hells to leak into the Material Plane and manipulate local townsfolk. However, the portal is guarded by The Wall of Aging and the players will need to figure out the correct way to travel through it or wind up in a nursing home for old, retired adventurers within minutes. Based on the legend of Stingy Jack, this adventure is perfect for a one-shot D&D adventure!

Halloween D&D One-Shot Puzzle – Scarecrow Mansion

Our adventuring party has entered a peculiar town that thrives on Pumpkin crops and a creepy love of Scarecrows. Four restless spirits have begun spoiling town crops and have asked our heroes to find the bodies of the deceased and lay them to rest. Get out your knives and get ready to carve a few jack-o’-lanterns in this D&D Halloween puzzle!

I hope you enjoyed these four D&D Halloween Ideas and are able to use them in your Halloween One-Shot or Haunted House adventure!

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