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How to Joust in D&D 5E

Jousting in D&D

Hello there adventurers! Let’s talk downtime or role playing opportunities. Some of the best opportunities to change the pace of a campaign or begin that next quest will begin at a local festival or during a holiday. Events such as these in your Pathfinder and

D&D Puzzle Ideas - D&D Puzzles

Pie Lady – Puzzle Ideas for D&D and Pathfinder

Today our adventurers are at a festival and seek out the legendary pomegranate pie made by local baker, Elaine. However, when they find Elaine’s stand at the festival the last piece of pie has already been sold. No worries, she promises to send a fresh

Summoning Circle Puzzle

Pathfinder D&D Puzzles – Summoning Circles

Our adventurers need to summon a spirit from the past to gather information for a problem in the present. They travel deep within the trials of a dungeon in search of Summon Circles to fulfill a ritual. However, the instructions for this ritual are in