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D&D Puzzles Skyrim Elder Scrolls V

How to run Skyrim Puzzles in Dungeons and Dragons

I’ve recently started playing Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch and have found that the puzzles in the game, while easy, are inspiring. With that in mind, I have converted two of my favorite puzzles from Skyrim to Dungeons & Dragons™ game. The first one is

Order of Scribes Wizard DnD 5E Build

D&D Order of Scribes Wizard 5E Build – Tempest Cleric Multiclass

Today we create a Blue Dragonborn Lightning Wizard using the Order of Scribes Wizard on D&D Beyond. This character build will include a 2 level multiclass into Tempest Cleric to maximize our Lightning and Thunder spells. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Multiple Damage Types Rituals Lightning/Thunder

Way of the Ascendant Dragon Monk Build 5E

Ascendant Dragon Monk 5E Build – D&D Character Guide

Hello there adventurers! Today we will be creating a Kobold Way of the Ascendant Dragon Monk character for 5E Dungeons &:amp; Dragons using Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. The Ascendant Dragon Monk emulates the abilities of Dragons. Followers of the Way of the Ascendant Dragon will

D&D Magic Item Black Lotus

Black Lotus Magic Item – D&D to MTG

Black Lotus Wondrous Item, Rare As a bonus action, you may crush this flower in your hand. When crushed, the mystical energy of the lotus transfers to you, restoring a third level spell slot. If you are not a spellcaster or do not have third

D&D 5E Battle Mage Character Build

D&D 5E Battle Mage Character Build – Fighter/Sorcerer

Today we create a D&D Battle Mage or Gish character. A melee combat fighter that is able to cast spells to supplement their martial prowess. In this #DnD5e character build we will begin at level 1 and advance through every progression until level 12. Along

D&D 5E Echo Knight Build - Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

Echo Knight Build – D&D 5E Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Hello there adventurers! Today we take a look at an Echo Knight Fighter, a D&D 5th Edition subclass that you can find in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont. This character build is 5th Edition legal and should meet the requirements of Adventurer’s League as long