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D&D One Shot Ideas - Gothic Horror

D&D One Shot Ideas – Gothic Horror

Vampires, creepy dolls, zombies, ghouls and skeletons. Paintings that watch you, mad scientists, monsters sewn together from dead body parts, and being buried alive. Whether it is the Halloween season or your players just enjoy an intense one-shot adventure that turns out to be a

D&D Magic Item Black Lotus

Black Lotus Magic Item – D&D to MTG

Black Lotus Wondrous Item, Rare As a bonus action, you may crush this flower in your hand. When crushed, the mystical energy of the lotus transfers to you, restoring a third level spell slot. If you are not a spellcaster or do not have third

D&D Puzzles - D&D Maze - Back and Forth

D&D Puzzle – Back and Forth Maze Puzzle

As our adventurers explore the corridors of this dungeon or castle environment, they realize that they are trapped in a maze and seem to be traveling in circles. How do they get out of this maze and what clues are available for them to follow