Bottled Voice of Guidance – Uncommon Magic Item

Bottled Voice of GuidanceD&D Strixhaven Magic Item Guiding Voice

uncommon, adventuring gear, wondrous item

Weight: 1 pound

This fine glass bottle is wrapped in soft black fabric and stoppered with a black cork. Around the neck is a fine golden thread which is fastened at one end to the cork. The fabric smells of sage and when shaken, muffled voices can be heard from within. A DC 20 perception check will reveal two voices which seem to be arguing about philosophy.

You can use a bonus action to uncork the bottle, whereupon a kindly voice will emanate from the bottle to give advice in a constructive manner on whatever action you attempt to take next. You can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one d20 roll made on the same turn as you uncorked the bottle. You may decide after you roll the d20 whether or not you wish to add the d4 to that roll.

The bottle contains two voices, however, and once it has been used three times in the same day there is a 50% chance that the fourth use will summon a cruel and impatient voice which will force the user to subtract 1d4 from their next d20 roll made on the same turn as when they uncorked the bottle.

If the bottle is ever used more than eight times in the same day by the same person, both voices will become exasperated. For the next week whenever that person opens the bottle, both voices will ridicule them in unison, causing them to detract 1d8 from their next d20 roll made the same turn that the bottle is opened.

Spell submitted by Josiah – Dungeon Dad

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