D100 Chart of Strange Keys

Keys don’t have to be dull and boring. Perhaps the characters in your game stumble across a key that has unique features, sentience, or reacts strangely if characters try to use it. Take the ideas and insert them into the next loot pile for your players and see what crazy things develop!

d100 Chart of Strange Keys for RPGs

d% Key
1 a key that oozes molasses when used
2 a key that shocks you. not with electricity but is shocking to look at
3 a key that makes a high pitched sound when used
4 a key that freezes and breaks when used
5 a red key the smolders and burns when used
6 a red key that smells vaguely like fish (Red Herring)
7 a yellow key that sprouts sun flowers when used
8 a stone key that petrifies your hand when used
9 a key with wings thats trying to fly away
10 a key that only works if you ask politely
11 a serpent Key turns into a snake and bites you when used
12 a music Key plays “Here I am” very loudly when used
13 a sentient key that sounds like Danny Devito
14 a key shaped like a mouth that burps when used
15 a key shaped like a butt that farts when used
16 a mimic key that shifts to look like other keys so its always hard to find
17 a skeleton key that forms into a full skeleton when used
18 a key that grows or shrinks based on proximity to the lock
19 a key that replicates itself until you put it down
20 a singing key (sings off key)
21 a key that unlocks a memory
22 a gummy key
23 a sticky key that is hard to let go of
24 a key that works only if no one is directly looking at it
25 a tattoo key that forms to your finger
26 a shadow shaped key that can’t be touched.
27 a key that continually flashes lights
28 a key that bends and refuses to go into a keyhole
29 a set of colorful wooden baby toy keys that causes the holder to giggle
30 a key that transforms your finger into a key and vice-versa.
31 a key in the shape of a music note
32 a key that transforms into whatever material last touched it.
33 a key that rusts and crumbles to dust when you pick it up
34 a mechanical key with a butterfly that flutters its wings.
35 a key that starts off cold but gets hotter as you approach its matching lock.
36 an Illusionary key that cannot be picked up
37 a Key that laughs when held
38 a Hot key
39 a crumbling key
40 a key that constantly dodges the grab.
41 a key that unlocks your heart for the nearest NPC.
42 a key that makes the clicking sound as if unlocking a door but doesn’t
43 a key that looks like a cat’s claw
44 a key that is made of water
45 a key that needs a ki point to work
46 a key that opens any lock, but locks it immediately after unlocking it
47 a liquid key in a bottle that needs to be poured
48 a key that is a tiny dagger
49 a key in the shape of a music note
50 a wood key that grows a door when you plant it in the ground
51 a key with the soul of a mischievous imp trapped inside
52 a crab key that sprouts legs and scurries away
53 an edible key that opens a door when you eat it
54 a vampiric key that requires a drop of blood to use it
55 a key with a wolf on it that howls when you use it
56 a key that loses a tooth each time it is used, until it is worthless.
57 a simple key with a PC’s name marked on the side.
58 a key that breaks apart into jigsaw pieces to form into different keys
59 a key that is made of ice and is starting to melt
60 a very small key that unlocks a lock much bigger than it
61 a chocolate key wrapped in foil
62 a magnetic key with other metals keys stuck to it
63 a key that phases through dimensions
64 a key that is actually a true polymorphed pixie.
65 a dirty key that won’t work until it is cleaned
66 a pristine key that won’t work until it is dirty
67 a key that glows when monsters are nearby
68 a sentient key with the soul of a cranky old dwarf inside
69 an echo key that repeats what the older says
70 a key that does acid damage to the holder when used
71 a key that changes from gold to lead when touched
72 a key that turns the user’s hand to gold when used
73 a lonely key that only works when used with another key
74 a clock key that chimes on the hour
75 a clockwork key that reverses time by a few seconds
76 a key that unlocks a memory when used
77 a key that steals a memory when used
78 a key that is shaped like a small flute that works when you play it
79 a sentient key that talks to other keys
80 a mysterious key that unlocks a mystery
81 an ink key that writes like a pen
82 a compass key that only unlocks doors to the north
83 an escape key that only unlocks exits
84 a fragile key that breaks when you try to use it
85 a second chance key that only works the 2nd time you try it
86 a key that can create its own keyhole
87 a mood key that changes color depending on the user’s emotions
88 a homesick key that misses its locked door back home
89 a key that cries when not being used
90 an evil key that mangles other keys

Thank you to the Wally DM Discord and YouTube channel for contributing fun and interesting ideas:
Colin, Thorn, CartographerSol, Ifandorbut, Dr. Feargood and Nacho Nacho Man.

Dust Imp, Rivers RPG, Robbe Christiaens

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