D&D Spam Bot Trap

Trap: This trap is set in a circular room with a 30ft diameter. There are two open passageways directly across from each other.

There are 3 metal pedestals in this room. They are spaced 10ft apart from each other in a triangle formation. Each pedestal has a green aura, is approximately 3ft high and has a circular, metal button on top of it with several dings and dents on its surface. A DC 12 investigation check would reveal that the dents were caused by a hammer hitting the button on the pedestal.

The entire perimeter of the room is cluttered with stacks of small sized, inactive humanoid constructs piled on top of one another. Each construct has a red button in the middle of their forehead that can be pressed with a finger or remotely with a spell like mage hand. We will call these constructs “spam bots”.

A Passive Perception 20 or higher will notice a sledge hammer under the pile of constructs.

Trigger: If anyone speaks even a whisper in the room the trap is triggered. The aura surrounding the three metal pedestals will change from green to red. In addition, anyone pressing a button on a construct’s head will activate the trap.

Effect: Two things will happen once the trap is triggered. The first, is that both of the open passageways will be sealed with a wall of force (pop up ads).

Nothing can physically pass or teleport through the blocked passageways. The walls of force are immune to all damage and their magic cannot be dispelled. However, they can be bypassed or destroyed by spells such as disintegrate, passwall, or wish.

The second thing that happens is that all of the heads of the constructs will activate and begin speaking in gibberish. This annoying speech can be identified as spam or advertisements.

Possible Spam Lines that can be used include:
Hot singles in your area, press here.
You’ve won 10,000gp, press here to claim your prize.

Roll for initiative. On initiative count 20, each character will take 2d6 Psychic Damage from the constant barrage of audio spam in the room or half as much with a successful DC15 Charisma saving throw.

On initiative count 10, the spam bots will begin freeing themselves from the stacked piles and move towards nearby creatures at a movement speed of 15ft. After the first round, the room will become difficult terrain due to the amount of spam bots flooding the room.

Anyone pressing a button on one of the “spam bots” will take 2d6 lightning damage and trigger the trap (if it has not already been triggered). They will then need to make a DC12 Wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed until the end of their next turn.

Finish this survey to continue. Upon seeing this, the character must make a DC15 wisdom saving throw or be paralyzed. The character will believe that they are answering questions to a survey and it is of the utmost importance. They may try the saving throw again at the end of their next turn.

Anyone that approaches a passageway with an active wall of force will see writing across the front of it that reads: “Finish this survey to continue”. They must then make a DC15 Wisdom saving throw or be charmed. While charmed, the character will begin touching the wall of force as if they were pressing and selecting answers on a survey. Only those charmed by the trap’s effect will be able to interact with the illusionary survey.

A creature charmed that is forcibly moved away from the passageway will do anything they can to get back to the survey. Creatures may repeat the saving throw at the end of their next turn, ending it on a success.

The trap can be avoided by walking through the room without speaking

The trap can be reset by clubbing each pedestal with the ban hammer. Hitting each pedestal will require the attack action, but is an automatic hit. Once a pedestal is hit with a ban hammer, the aura returns to green.

Passive Perception 20 or higher will see the ban hammer among the constructs. The hammer can also be found with an active search of the room and a successful DC15 Perception Check.

The trap cannot be destroyed, but it can be reset by one of the following ways.
Blocking or isolating the active pillar from the rest of the room. After 1 round, it will reset and the aura returns to green.
Smacking the top of the metal pillar with the ban hammer
Casting silence on the active metal pillars
Casting Dispel Magic at 5th level or higher on each active pillar will disable the trap for 1 minute

Constructs have a 30’ range with the pillars. They are worthless pieces of scrap metal outside of this area.

Speaking in this room, even if it is a whisper or verbal spell component, will reactivate the trap.

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