Today we create a Blue Dragonborn Lightning Wizard using the Order of Scribes Wizard on D&D Beyond. This character build will include a 2 level multiclass into Tempest Cleric to maximize our Lightning and Thunder spells. Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Multiple Damage Types
Lightning/Thunder Channel Divinity
Upcasting spells.

Epic moments – ground zero Lightning Ball with Sorcery points to Quicken and give yourself full immunity

Here is the full PDF character sheet for our Level 10 Order of Scribes Wizard Build for 5E if you want to take a look!
Level 10 Order of Scribes 5E build
Level 4 Order of Scribes 5E build

Race, Background and Ability Scores

While I was tempted to choose an Aasimar for purpose of entwining a backstory with a deity of lightning or thunder, I opted for the Blue Chromatic Dragonborn, instead. By simply being a blue dragonborn, we are immediately blessed with the ability to breath a cone of lightning as well as having resistance to it.

What sold me, however, is that our character can use an action to gain immunity to lightning for up to 1 minute. While this is fantastic for opposing attacks, we could also position ourselves within the full destructive wrath of one of our own spells and take zero lightning damage. More on this in just a bit.

For ability scores, I used the Point Buy system and went with the following:

  • STR 8
  • DEX 14
  • CON 13 (14 with +1 Dragonborn Increase)
  • INT 15 (17 with +2 Dragonborn Increase)
  • WIS 13 (minimum score for Multiclassing)
  • CHA 9

While I’m not terribly excited about dumping TWO ability scores, I am okay with our Wizard not having strength or an alluring personality in the Charisma department. They will be primarily focused on utility spells and causing massive amounts of damage.

Spell Selection
Level 1 Wizard Cantrips
Toll the Dead
Mind Sliver
Mage Hand

Level 1 Wizard Spells
Chromatic Orb (provides options for Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid or Thunder damage)
Absorb Elements
Detect Magic
Magic Missle

Level 2 Wizard Spells
Shatter (our primary attack spell)

Level 3 Wizard Spells
Fireball (Our primary weapon becoming a Lightning Ball with our Cleric channel divinity)

Level 4 Wizard Spells

To be continued…

On to the next!

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  1. I like your idea for this character. I did notice, as you said, you only leveled to 10. After looking at the spell list, I see that there are no usable, meaning changeable spells, after level 5 which is a shame. This would, I guess make the character start to play a bit weaker. Unless I am missing something, which I hope I am. I think this would be a fun character to play, maybe a one shot, sacrificial hero, lol.

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