KaiMing’s Drowned Market

KaiMing’s Drowned Market is a multi-vendor community market in a park on the shore of the Ambervain River. Vendors sell a variety of fresh water fish. The vendors in this market are a great source for gossip, rumors and information.

DESCRIPTION: An open air market sprawls before you. The boundaries marked by a light shadow that falls on the paved square. A large woven hemp screen hangs above leaving the space shaded and cool. The screen, hung on narrow poles, is roughly woven with thick cords about a cm thick. While below in the shade there are buckets of water of all kinds of shapes and sizes. A large amount of these buckets are simply miscellaneous items; a patched up flowerpot, a cheap water pitcher, an emptied butter churn and an assortment of other odd things. Each is filled with water and aquatic life. Cray-fish, freshwater eels, gar, pike and small fish of many colors and shapes dart around in their small containers splattering the stonework on the ground.

There are even several stalls set up with large barrels of water filled with bigger species of fish and cutting boards sitting on top of other open faced barrels. All of the vendors here are tanned and tired looking. A group of them play some sort of game involving tetrahedron dice and a gourd shaped board with small black and white playing pieces. While a few others simply watch the crowd move through with vague interest in the odd passerby.

PRICING: All prices are haggled for fish. Small starting price is 1 gold per lb. Medium 2 gold per lb. And the largest fish are 5 gold per lb (very high prices)


Talis: Black Dragonborn, 38 years old. Has a habit of flicking his tail when lying. Is a bit of a loner, he mainly fishes the bigger fish like, gar and pike. He has tales of massive creatures in the depths of the river that he claims to be 15 ft long. He has never gotten a good look at it but it has stolen a lot of his biggest catches over the years.

Eefa: a light blue haired gnome woman, 27 years old. She catches cray-fish primarily. She is a bit oblivious to everything but likes to talk about dreams and keeps a journal filled with descriptions of dreams that people have told her about. If you take a look inside there are a series of very disturbing dreams about a dark figure with one large yellow eye. All dreamed by one person that goes by the name of Aiden.

Daimeon: Sells carp and catfish. He is human, and enjoys playing Ur (the game mentioned before) with some of his fishing buddies, Caleb and Facia. Both of whom are black haired dwarves. They are fraternal twins and sell freshwater eels in big deep barrels.

Celestial Scents is a homebrew D&D shop submitted by Canyon Crawler from the Wally DM Discord

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