The Blade and Block Chophouse

The Blade and Block Chophouse is a Barbeque Eatery Brew Pub owned by an Orcish chef, named Grath. The Blade and Block Chophouse can be found in the city of Ambervain

DESCRIPTION: If food and drink are what you long for, you will find no better place than here at The Blade and Block Chophouse! Hearty foods and endless beer! If you can eat our specialty Whole Hog within 30 minutes you eat for free! Try if you dare, only those brave of heart and strong of stomach can defeat the Whole Hog!

Outside: A heavy stone building sits cramped behind rough log tables each equipped with long benches squished. People are crowded into each table laughing and eating. You catch a glimpse of a dog or two sitting under one of the tables gnawing at a large bone. Over the door hangs a sign with a large knife sticking out of a butcher’s block reading in thick black lettering “The Blade and Block”.

Inside: Entering into the building you push open the thick iron studded oak door. You are hit with a wave of hot air heavy-laden with the smell of beer and roasted meat. The interior of the building is brightly lit with candles and torches along with not one but two large cooking fires on either side of the eatery. Both fires are filled with spitz of different sizes roasting an assortment of animals. On either side one of the fires are two large brick kilns. While on either side of the other fire are two huge barrels of what one could presume is beer.

The Blade and Block cannot be held accountable for any damages to person or property There are two counters before each of the cooking fires fully manned by a diverse staff of barmaids, waiters and cooks. All who bustle around each other in the tight work space as the center of the room is filled with crowded heavy wood tables. In the center of the back wall is a big black board that appears to be the menu.

Menu for the Blade and Block Chophouse

Pulled Pork: 4 cp per 1/4 lb
Turkey: 1cp per 1/4 lb
Brisket: 5 cp per 1/4 lb
Sausage Links- 2 cp for 4 links
Chopped Beef: 6cp 1/4 lb
Whole Chicken: 1 gold
Whole Turkey: 2 gold
Half Hog: 5 gold
Whole Hog: 10 gold

OWNER: Owner is a stout looking Orc by the name of Grath who wears a big black apron that says “Kiss the Cook”.

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