D&D 5E Halloween Magic Items

Hello there adventurers and welcome to Wally DM. Below are a handful of magic items that I created for my recent one-shot adventure, Scarecrow Mansion 2020.

Jar of Eyeballs

Wondrous Item, Very Rare submitted by Wally DM
Once per day, an eyeball may be removed from the jar. The eye has a flying speed of 30 feet. You may direct and control the eyeball and see through it as if it were your own eye. Use your skills and modifiers if a Stealth check is required.

If the eye moves more than 120ft away from you, it will splat on the ground. Duration is 1 hour. A Jar of Eyeballs will have 4d6 eyes in it when found.

Strahd’s Instant Coffin

This is a small 4 inch wooden coffin. When placed in an unoccupied space and a command word is spoken the miniature will enlarge to a full sized wooden coffin measuring 2 1/2 x 7 feet.

You can lay in the coffin for the duration of a short rest. When you do, you gain all of the benefits of a long rest. Your maximum Hit Points are lowered by 1d4+1 HP. With the exception of a wish spell, nothing can be used to prevent or restore this loss of HP. The coffin will only function in this manner once every 13 days.

Figurine of Wonderous Power – BLACK CAT

Wonderous Item, Rare submitted by Wally DM
Throw the figure into an unoccupied space and it becomes a black house cat. If the cat is within 5’ of you, all melee attacks made against you are at disadvantage. If the cat is within 5’ of anyone else those creatures have disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws. The cat has 1hp and turns back into a figure if killed, if commanded by the user, or after 1 minute. The Black Cat may only be used once every 13 hours.

Bag of Candy Corn

Wonderous Item, Uncommon submitted by Wally DM
Wonderous Item (Uncommon)
Once per day, you may say a command word to magically fill this red and white striped bag with candy corn. There are 20 pieces altogether. If eaten, each piece of candy corn will heal 1hp of damage. If one individual eats 6 pieces of Candy Corn, then a Lesser Restoration effect (blinded, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned) is applied in addition to the healing. If 12 pieces of Candy Corn are eaten by one individual then they will receive the effects of a Greater Restoration in addition to the healing. Anyone consuming 13 or more pieces of candy corn within a 24 hour period will become poisoned, take 2d4 poison damage, and will negate any effects of the healing.

Voodoo Doll of Pain

Wonderous Item, Uncommon submitted by Wally DM

This is a plain looking plush doll that comes with three voodoo pins. Using an action, the owner of the item can have the doll magically take on the features of a small to medium sized humanoid they can see within 30 feet.

Once the doll resembles a humanoid, the owner of the doll can take a pin and insert it into the plush doll causing 3d6 points of piercing damage. The target may make a Wisdom saving throw to negate the effect. The doll may be used in this manner using all three pins. Each one takes an action. The voodoo doll can only be commanded to resemble a humanoid and used once per day.

Cap of Maleenko

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Attunement) submitted by Wally DM
You gain proficiency in the Intimidation Skill. Once per day you can activate the Circlet to make your face appear to be that of an evil clown. When activated, you may roll two dice and take the higher number when making an Intimidation check. This effect lasts for 6 seconds and can be used once per day.

In addition, you have the uncanny knack of being able to juggle. Once per day, you may call upon the power of Maleko to roll two dice and take the higher result on performance checks while juggling items.

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