Red Herring – Halfling Townsfolk

Red Herring is a Lightfoot Halfling that resides in Ambervain

APPEARANCE: Red is 32 years old, stands about 3 feet tall, and weights about 30 pounds. He has curly red hair, blue eyes and a goatee. He wears dark clothing almost always black and has his hood up constantly. He always looks nervous and like he is up to something and always seems to be doing something shady. He isn’t, mind you. He is actually quite innocent.

He only goes by Red unless specifically asked about his last name. He doesn’t carry a straight job but does odd jobs for whoever needs them. He has information for characters because he is pretty much in the know. But doesn’t readily give it to those who ask and will usually attempt to dodge questions. Not because he is guilty. But because he doesn’t like gossip.

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