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Three NEW Homebrew Strixhaven Spells that you can use in your #DnD 5E Games. These are Dungeons and Dragons homebrew spells inspired from Magic the Gathering Cards. Are these spells that you would use in your game?

Rules for our game is that we needed to pick a Magic the Gathering™ card from the Strixhaven block and create a Dungeons & Dragons™ 5E Spell that can be used in your game.

Multiple Choice – This spell can be cast with a 2nd level spell slot for a divination effect, a 3rd level spell slot for an unsummon effect, a 4th level spell slot to summon an elemental or a 5th level spell slot for all effects.

Devouring Tendrils – This spell causes damage based on the material component used to cast it. Perhaps a shark’s tooth, a cat’s whisker or the fang of a snake.

Arcane Annihilation (Introduction to Annihilation) – This spell will not only nullify the spell cast by an opposing spell caster but will also blast them with damage to add salt to injury.

FREE Download of these Spells:

Thank you to my co-hosts!
Trevor – Classes and Constructs
Josiah – @Dungeon Dad

Three Homebrew Strixhaven Spells for Dungeons and Dragons

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