Order of the Lycan Build – Matt Mercer’s Blood Hunter 2020 D&D 5E

Hello there adventurers! Today we are going to do a character build for Matt Mercer’s Blood Hunter Character Class for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons®. This will be using the NEW, Updated 2020 version that has made some significant changes to the original. I have done extensive research on the Blood Hunter and hope that you enjoy the character we will be building today.

If you ever wanted to play a Werewolf in D&D then this is the character for you! Let me introduce you to Tamaska Araleth. She’s a sweet, good-hearted Wood Elf that looks out for the greater good. But as evil continues to influence her land, she has accepted the blood of Lycanthropy to help protect her land and those that cannot protect themselves. So look out bad guys, this elf has a side to her that you do not want to make angry!

If you would like to purchase the PDF of the Blood Hunter for 5th Edition, I highly encourage you to do so. It is now available as a Pay What You Want title, but all donations will be directed towards the Australian Wildfire Relief 2020.

Matt Mercer’s D&D 5E Blood Hunter 2020

Please keep in mind that this is not an official Dungeons and Dragons® character class. It is considered to be homebrew content. With this in mind, I highly encourage you to have a discussion with your Dungeon Master prior to bringing this or a similar character to the table.

Order of the Lycan Guide

Download D&D Character PDF for Tamaska Araleth – Wood Elf
Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter Build

PDF Character Sheets:

D&D Backstory for Order of the Lycan Blood Hunter

Tamaska Araleth is a young, 120 year-old Wood Elf. She has copper skin, silky brown hair and bright green eyes. She has a slender frame at 5’4 and 110 pounds. She is a protector, friendly and quick to help a stranger in need. In the event that she becomes threatened, angry or loses her temper however, she does have a ferocious demeanor that will reveal itself.

Tamaska and her mother, Rudina Araleth, have lived outside of a small human village for several decades now. Rudina is a member of a special order of combat oriented protectors that have willingly accepted the curse of Lycanthropy. The Order of the Lycan are Blood Hunters that specialize in Hemocraft and have the ability to control their transformation into the hybrid form of a Werewolf. This order has vowed to protect those that cannot protect themselves from fiend, fey and other evils that permeate the woodlands. At present, there are only 11 members of the Lycan Order with Tamaska’s mother, Rudina being one.

Throughout her life, Tamaska was trained by her mother to wield a short sword and shield and has become a formidable fighter. She has proven herself as a guardian of the local village. Now, it is time for her to begin her training. She has survived the ritual of the Hunter’s Bane and is now bound to the darkness and her pledge to defeat it, through her life’s blood. This is Tamaska’s birth-rite, to become a member of the Order of the Lycan alongside her mother (the only other Elf in the order) and to use her power to fight the malicious creatures of the world.

Shortly after undertaking the Hunter’s Bane, Fiendish activity is starting to seep into the area and Tamaska must now go forth to help form a resistance and shape her new powers fueled by hemocraft magic.

Thank you for hanging out, I hope you enjoyed this character creation!
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