D&D Magic Items – 10 Scrolls Players will Want

When I first started playing D&D in 1984, very few of my players would play magic-users. Therefore, magical scrolls that contained spells or protection from something were not that popular. Randomly generating treasure would end up in having scrolls being “last pick” or sold on the next trip into town.

A few years later, the Green Box in the BECMI series was released… The Companion Ruleset. Within it were some of my favorite magic items in all of D&D. In particular, 10 unique scrolls stood out to me. These could be used by any character and were much, much more than spells or Protection from Good/Evil.

An Illumination Scroll that could light fires and illuminated like a torch
A Shelter Scroll that opened up into a pocket dimension
A Seeing Scroll that would draw out monsters nearby
A Truth Scroll to reveal the Truth, even if you can’t handle the truth
A Questioning Scroll that allows a character to ask a mirror if anyone has been through here lately

Things of this nature.

So, here’s what I did… I made a video about 10 of my favorite scrolls from the old Basic D&D set with hopes of introducing these old school gems to new players of today’s D&D!

10 Scrolls Players will Want for their Characters!

I hope you like the presentation and that you will see these AMAZING magic items in one of your future games! Be sure to tell me which one you liked the best and how you would use it in your game 🙂

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