D&D 5E Circle of Spores Druid – Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica

Today we build Nature’s Necromancer; a Circle of Spores Druid subclass found in Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica. We will discuss the abilities granted to a Druid by choosing the Circle of Spores, what spells will fit our theme and decide how our background ties it all together. In addition to Character Creation and Spell selection, we will also Level this character up from 1 to 8 and discuss a potential backstory. We have a lot of information to cover, so let’s get to it! If you like this type of video, please leave a comment and let me know what type of character you would like to see next!

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Izoni – Dark Elf – Circle of Spores Druid
Level 1 Character Sheet
Level 2 Character Sheet
Level 3 Character Sheet
Level 4 Character Sheet
Level 5 Character Sheet
Level 6 Character Sheet
Level 7 Character Sheet
Level 8 Character Sheet

Character Backstory

Izoni grew up in an underground settlement referred to as the Golgari. She has been raised by a small community of underground humanoids composed of dark elves, dwarves and medusa. She did not know her birth parents or family, and the underground life of the Golgari is all she knows. Her fascination for nature only extends to what can be found beneath the earth. She bonds with animal life in the form of beetles, snakes, and centipedes and she finds beauty in plant life composed of molds and fungus.

While scavenging for food the Golgari community was visited by an adventuring party. They tell Izoni that she has a twin sister. In fact, it is her sister who has hired them to find her and bring her back to Waterdeep. Izoni searches deep inside of her soul and realizes that what they are saying is true. Although she has never met her twin sister, the mention of her name stirs emotions and she agrees to travel to Waterdeep.

For the DM… perhaps Izoni’s parents were evil. They did not want both of the twins when they were born and sold Izoni off to the Golgari clan.
Or perhaps, Izoni’s parents are good… but she was stolen or taken from her parents when she was young.

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