Everything you need to know about rolling up a Rune Knight Fighter! Today, we meet Zark Gordain, a Human Rune Knight Fighter. We will level him up from Level 1 all the way through Level 10 and discuss his backstory! If you like this type of video, please leave a comment and let me know what type of character you would like to see next!

For those of you that play D&D 5E Adventurers League this is NOT a legal character to use in that format. This character build uses Unearthed Arcana, which is playtest material and not Adventure League legal at this time.

D&D 2019 Unearthed Arcana – Rune Knight Fighter – Character Creation Video

Watch the character build for Zark Gordain, Rune Knight Fighter!

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Zark Gordain – Human – Rune Knight Fighter

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D&D Backstory for Rune Knight Fighter

Zark Gordain, a studied scribe, was hired to accompany a small group of adventurers as they scaled the country’s highest peaks. At the top of this mountain is the remains of a crumbling castle that once belonged to Cloud Giants. This castle was said to hold ancient writings that tell the whereabouts of an artifact with power to manipulate the weather. This artifact would help the adventurers bring the end to a 10 year drought that has plagued the lands of the village in the valley. While this was mostly a tale of myth and legend, the adventurers felt confident that this item existed and brought Zark with them to help write down the meaning of the ancient writings when they found them. The journey would be dangerous. Not only would they have the cold weather to contend with but also uncharted areas that may hold monsters or other threats. Zark was fitted for a set of chain mail and a long sword, the first time he has ever donned weaponry and armor.

The group traveled for ten days with only a few encounters that were taken care of with ease. They continued their travel up the mountain and to its peak which rested above the clouds and finally arrived at their destination. Shortly after beginning their exploration of the castle, they found out that they were not alone as they were ambushed by three Cloud Giants. The Giants made short work of the group, smashing them into the ground and throwing them about. Zark, the last of fighter standing, was bloodied and pinned underneath the thumb of a Giant. Before crushing him, the Cloud Giant Xikmir seen something in Zark that played to his inner conscious. He decided to spare the life of the human and took him back to their kingdom in the clouds. Xikmir gave Zark to his oldest son Gotgi, to keep… as a pet.

For two years, Zark remained in a cage, but was well cared for by Gotgi. Zark endulged on Giant cuisine and lived a comfortable life as a pet to Gotgi. In fact, the two of them became the closest of friends. During this time, Zark learned how to speak Giant and the two of them poured through a countless number of tales and tomes from the library. Zark took particular interest in the tomes of Rune Magic and Giants that were known as Skiltgravr, rune cutters able to carve magic into runes. He began practicing this craft by sketching and carving these symbols throughout his cage as if trying to solve a mathematical equation.

When Xikmir found out that Zark was learning about the Mystical Runes of Giants he became furious with Gotgi. This knowledge was forbidden to be taught to humans. Xikmir decided that it was time to do what he should have done to Zark in the first place. Squish him. The young giant Gotgi, fearing for the life of his pet turned best friend, retrieved Zark from his cage and ran to the edge of the castle in the clouds. He spoke his goodbyes to Zark, cast the spell Feather Fall on him and flung him to the earth.

Zark Gordain, now begins his life as a fighter, two years after his capture.

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