The Golden Stirge D&D Podcast Episode 2 – Consent in Gaming

Welcome adventurers to the Golden Stirge Inn and Episode 2 of a D&D Podcast by Wally DM. Today Wally DM is joined by Celeste, Julie and Christopher in a casual D&D conversation spanning an array of different topics.

Today our new podcast jumps into a 20 minute serious discussion on the “Guide to Consent in Gaming” from Monte Cook games. What are your thoughts on this document, or in general on how to handle potentially disturbing material in adventures?

Golden Stirge D&D Podcast – Episode 2

Afterwords, we go back to a light-hearted, fun discussion as we take a look at these topics:
Whats the coolest ways in your campaigns that a character has been resurrected?
DM Screen or no DM Screen? Why?
Are there any official D&D races that you do not allow or don’t believe should be allowed in your game?
What is a good way to introduce a new PC into your game?
Tips for running high-level games, both mechanically and in terms of story
Besides meeting in taverns, whats a good place for the characters to meet?

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Are there any topics that you would like to see discussed on the Podcast? Leave a message and we will add topics to future episodes!

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