Waterdeep – Dragon Heist Campaign 1492 DR

Episode 38 – A Galoor-ious Day

  • Rainer Silvermoor was left in the city cellar underneath the city. When they last seen him, he was still under the possession of the ghost Orko
  • Nicodemus passes the the Stone of Galoor to Xel Atal.
  • Xel loses connection with his Patron, Caelar Argent. It is not determined whether or not it is tied to the Stone of Galoor’s power
  • The Thursdays Crew boards the WUBER cart driven by Jeremiah. Joining them are the three street urchins (Nat, Squidly and Jenks) and their prisoner, Halfling Necromancer Losser Mirklav.
  • Huginn departs for the Emerald Enclave
  • Arriving at Silvermoor Manor, the crew sees that a birthday party is being held in honor of Lord Rainer Silvermoor’s birthday. Nicodemus disguises himself as his father.
  • Xel teleports into an empty room in the manor with Losser Mirklav. Nico, attends to party guests impersonating his father.
  • Open Lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand has made an appearance at Lord Silvermoor’s birthday gathering and asks for a quick business meeting.
  • Laeral reveals that three masked lords have been killed and she would like Rainer to consider taking one of the vacancies. Rainer, (Nico in disguise), recommends that his son, Nicodemus be considered for the position.
  • Lareal insists that they meet again in a few days at their “usual” location.
  • Nico holds a meeting with his immediate family. He reveals the truth and explains in detail the issues at hand.
  • Kevin, is acting arrogant and confident

    Episode 37 – The One where we got Fireballed

    • Nicodemus is the first to encounter Losser Mirlav, the Halfling Necromancer. He chases after a cloaked figure running away with the the Stone of Galoor. There is a battle between Gazers and Xanathar Eye-Stalkers vs the Necromancer and his depleting army of undead skeletons.
    • STREET CHASE. The scene from the catacombs spills into an alley as the cloaked figure with the Stone of Galoor runs through the pouring rain. Followed by Losser, who is soon stopped by having his leg smashed in a bear trap. Losser pleads for Nicodemus’ help, but he ignores him.
    • Xel Atal joins the chase in the alley, passing Losser and taking flight through the rain. Catching up with Nicodemus and the mysterious individual. Little did they know, the stone was passed to another cloaked figure, who they see sprinting towards an Abandoned Tower.
    • Frustrated and angry, Losser Mirklav casts fireball. This incinerates the first man and deals heavy damage to Nicodemus and Xel.
    • Nico enters the tower and meets two street urchins.

    Episode 36 – I Spy with My Arcane Eye

    • The Silvermoors embrace the engagement of Bridgette to Waterdeep City Watchman, Kevin
    • Jeremiah arrives to pick up the crew to take them to the Converted Windmill in the South Ward.
    • Ranaer Neverrember has gifted the Thursday crew a brand new WUBER cart. It has features that include a one-way canvas allowing the characters to remain hidden inside, while being able to see out. It also has secret lead compartments that will conceal items.
    • The Ghost wizard, Orko Garlath, possesses Nicodemus’ father Rainer Silvermoor. Orko claims that he will hold possession of the Lord’s body until the stolen artifacts are returned to the Garlath Mausoleum
    • At the Converted Windmill, Mirolyth uses his Arcane Eye Spell to thoroughly investigate the Old Windmill in the South Ward. The crew encounters:
      • a woman and two children that are residing in the old Windmill. Nicodemus gives them a few gold
      • a Wererat with a red cape and an affinity for pears. Huginn recognizes him as Dasher Snobeedle, the missing son of Emerald Enclave member, and owner of Snobeedle Orchard, Blossom Snobeedle.
      • the adventurers also encounter a halfling and his three friends holed up in a portion of the windmill. They were still sleeping from a night of drinking and gambling. Our adventurers convince them to go to the Hall of Justice and ask Tyr to guide their path
      • they encounter thieves-for-hire Volkarr Kibbens and Urlaster Ghann. They spill-the-beans about the Halfling Necromancer, Losser Mirlav. Losser hired them to gather bones from the City of the Dead to create skeletons.
    • The stolen artifacts from the mausoleum are recovered
    • Our PCs also find out that Losser killed a strange looking rat and took a peculiar “stone” that it was carrying (the Stone of Galoor).
    • Losser and his two apprentices, Retchyn and Kreela, live in a cellar complex in the Trades Ward. It is located under Retchyn’s wig shop called Dandymops.
    • Inside Dandymops, our adventurers encounter a pixie by the name of Titania. She reveals the secret door to Losser’s Cellar Complex.
    • Huginn, Nicodemus, and Orko wait at the end of the sewer while Xel and Nicodemus travel through. They find a secret door above the sewage.
    • Nicodemus uses his spider climb ability to climb the wall and open the secret door. As he steps inside, he sees Losser Mirlav and some of his skeletons, surrounded by the Xanathar’s Eye Stalk men. A hooded figure escapes to the North and Losser exclaims… “He has the Stone!”…

    Session 35 – If Eye Told You a Secret

    • The crew leave the City of the Dead to find their WUBER Cart engulfed in a swarm of eyeballs.
    • Jeremiah loses an eye. It has been engulfed into the swarm.
    • Blobby has developed two tiny eyestalks that shoot rays of fire (after he had partially munched on an eyestalk thug)
    • Jeremiah drops party off at the Metal House of Wonders in the Dockward (Guild Hall of Armorers and Locksmiths)
    • Xel takes the opportunity to check-in at the Spires of the Morning
    • Ranaer Neverember is being fitted for new armor at the Metal House of Wonders. He speaks to Nicodemus and Mirolyth about their progress in finding the Stone of Golorr.
    • An article in “The Waterdavian”, the cities newspaper, states that the robes of a Masked Lord were found in the Red Sails Warehouse. The City Watch is actively looking for the owner, Mr. Huggin
    • Huginn shape shifts into a Plesiosaurus to conceal his identity.
    • The Armorer looks at the key the party found in the Mausoleum and identifies it as the work of Dwarven Locksmith: Elaspra Ulmarr. She is located in the Trades Ward. He states that she can be extremely difficult to deal with.
    • Jeremiah’s sister, Mennette Hassan, is waiting outside with the WUBER Cart. Mirolyth, Nico and Dinosaur Huginn board the cart and drive to the Trade Ward
    • Mennette offers her assistance to the group in return for a fair share of the hidden treasure of gold dragons. To gain their trust, she reveals herself to be a doppelganger.
    • Mennette knows of the other doppelganger the crew has dealt with (Xel in particular), Minot and states that Minot is underhanded and not to be trusted.
    • To prove her worth, Mennette will work on clearing Huginn from the City Watch’s wanted list. Mennette asks that the group does not tell Huginn her identity, because she genuinly likes him and does not want the young Druid to think differently of her for being what she is.
    • The party enters the small, vintage locksmith shop of Elaspra Ulmarr. She admits to making the key, but refuses to give out names of her client… without compensation.
    • Mirolyth trades the Book of Golems for information. They find out that the key was made for Volkarr Kibbens. Volkarr and Urlaster Ghann have a shared apartment in the Old Windmill in the South Ward.
    • The party decide to rest up at Silvermoor Estate for the night. The next morning, they see an article in the Waterdavian Newspaper stating that Mr. Huggin of Red Sails Warehouse is no longer a suspect in the killing of a masked lord
    • At breakfast, Nico’s sister Bridgette announces her engagement to Kevin, the City Watchman

    Session 34 – Who Ya Gonna Call?

    • Rush back to the WUBER cart and we encounter Captain Staget, an army of city watch, and griffons starting to encircle the area.
    • Captain asks for Mr. Huginn but we play dumb and get out of there
    • Head straight to the City of the Dead – the graveyard of Waterdeep
    • We find the mausoleum via a directory near the entryway and head that way.
    • The doors to the mausoleum are already open, so we head in cautiously
    • It appears they were opened quite recently as well!
    • Inside are some coffins that have been disturbed and signs of something that has been dragged through the area.
    • We find some shiny boots and a steel key
    • Hear someone crying down below, but we also know there are undead lurking at the bottom of the stairs
    • We encounter a swarm of rats and then a pair of ghosts
    • Manage to dispatch the ghosts rather quickly!
    • Xel starts working to bless the coffins to make sure the ghosts are put to rest
    • We press onward and see a young man with a robe covered in stars with a handlebar mustache
    • He possesses Nicodemus who turns to fight me, but Niv (Nicodemus’s weapon) is not willing to participate
    • We agree to help him return stolen items to their coffins and he lets Nicodemus free
    • There are ten total coffins and there are ten stolen items. Each of them has had something stolen from them.
    • Ring of Rusted Keys
      Horse-Riders Shoes
    • The Key has the initials – E.U. inscribed upon it
    • Huginn finds a rat with some secret intel
    • Unnamed Rat MVP
    • We decide to head to the Locksmith guild to find more about the key
    • As we exit the mausoleum we are fired upon
    • It is more of the Xanathar cultists!
    • I unleash my first lightning bolt to take some of them out! The power is wondrous.
    • Huginn summons a pair of lions and becomes an elk, charging at some foes and absolutely destroying one.
    • Nicodemus engages a two versus one duel with another pair of thugs and handles them with skill. Niv and Nicodemus have done well!
    • Xel blasts away more eyestalk thugs with eldritch blasts.
    • One thug remains and flees from the battle as we shout warnings of what will come to others who attempt to fight us.
    • I toss Blobby down on one of the eyestalk thugs to eat up
    • We head out of the City of the Dead to find Jerimiah and our cart under attack by a giant eyeball swarm.

    Session 33 – Fightin’ on the Dock of the Bay

    • Huginn begins to look for the goddess Selune via spiritual prayer
    • Our adventurers work out a deal with Alleriya Silvermoor, cousin of Nicodemus from Baldur’s Gate. She will be staying at Trollskull Manor in efforts to get Thursdays up and running
    • Huginn wants to put a chicken door that leads into the manor (Not sure what the decision on this was?)
    • The Ring of Greed is taken to the Halls of Justice. Alister Shaw, Highlord of the Clergy, and mentor of Nicodemus, accepts the ring and promises to keep it safe
    • Alister Shaw mentions that the Ring of Gluttony is rumored to be discovered in Baldur’s Gate
    • Our crew head to Mistshore in the Dock Ward. Through the fog, they see that Grinda’s residence surrounded by thugs. The leader appeared to be a Dwarf with a crossbow mounted on his arm.
    • After a long, intense battle, the thugs and eye-bandits are defeated. However, a shipwrecked boat is on fire.

    Session 32 – Chicken Heist

    • Our adventurers return home to Thursdays / Trollskull Manor. Xel has donned the legendary cursed item, the Ring of Greed.
    • Huginn is approached by Weretiger Neighbor and owner of Tiger’s Eye Detective Agency, Vincent Trench. Vincent has “Clucky”, one of Huginn’s chickens, claiming that it escaped the yard.
    • Huginn declines the 2 gold pieces for the chicken and declines to sell Vincent the Staff of the Lycanthropes. Vincent can see that Huginn has attuned to the magic item and chuckles after realizing that he chose a chicken has his Lunar animal. Vincent goes back to his house in Trollskull Alley
    • Xel, under the effects of the Ring of Greed, takes Cluck Norris from the coup and dashes towards Vincent’s business. Xel sells Cluck Norris for 3 gold pieces.
    • Speaking with his Council of Chickens Huginn determines that not only is Cluck Norris missing, but Xel is the one who took him.
    • Huginn speaks with Vincent, the Weretiger who wants to trade Cluck Norris for the Staff of the Lycanthropes. Seeing Huginn plead for another way, Vincent turns the chicken back over to Huginn for a debt to be repaid at a later date. Vincent tells Huginn about gangs of lycanthropes in the city of Waterdeep, vying for power
    • Xel blames his actions on the doppelgangers for imitating him as a plot to break up the group. Xel is lying.
    • Mirolyth casts Dispel Magic on Xel. They believe he is fine. Well, sorta. Xel blames his actions on the Imp and the Gralhunds. Xel is lying again. Nicodemus realizes that Xel is cursed and the group goes to the Spires of the Morning.
    • Father Noel removes the curse from Xel and the Ring of Greed is put into a locked box. Nicodemus has the box. Mirolyth starts with the key, but later gives it to Nico.
    • Father Noel tells the group that the Ring of Greed is one of 7 rings that represent the Deadly Sins. They are indestructible, but can be sent back to hell. However, they will appear later at other locations to tempt adventurers. IF all 7 rings are on the Material Plane at the same time and are being worn, then Asmodeus and his minions will be able to freely pass between the 9 Hells and the Material Plane at will and will be seen as a savior to the people. The sins will take root and slowly spread throughout the lands.
    • Nico, Mirolyth, Huginn and Xel meet with Lord Rainer Silvermoor about the Red Sails Warehouse. Xel’s spell of Detect Thoughts reveal that Lord Silvermoor is “all business” during the conversation.
    • Apparently Red Sails Warehouse was only owned by the Silvermoors for a few weeks. It was acquired by the Cassalanters who attmepted to sell to the Gralhunds, but Lord Silvermoor was able to pull this property out from underneath the Gralhunds.
    • Rainer Silvermoor will set up a dinner for the Silvermoors, Gralhunds and Cassalanters
    • Nicodemus’ cousin from Baldur’s Gate, Alleriya Silvermoor is introduced. She plans on staying in Waterdeep. Nicodemus mentions that she could possibly look after Thursdays / Trollskull Manor so that someone is there to watch their property.

    Session 31 – Secrets of the Red Sails Warehouse

    Session 30 – End of the Line for the Nimblewright

    Session 29 – Not Yet Open for Business

    • Nico and Mirolyth visit Vajra. Sending Nissa Karlov back to Ravnica.
    • Vajra gives Mirolyth a bandolier of four waterbreathing potions. Lower priority, but there is a Bronze Dragon that has startled a few townsfolk recently, but not harmed anyone. Find out what the dragon wants and why it is in Deepwater Harbor?
    • Xel encounters a doppelganger in the form of Sister Incensia, trying to get information from him about the hidden trove of gold. Xel takes the doppelganger to the city watch.
    • Xel speaks with the real Sister Incensia. Learns that some of the followers in the Spires of the Morning are buying into the heresy of the return of Amanatour. Implying that Amanatour and Lathander are two different gods. Unfortunately, most of the financial backers of the Spires of the Morning, believe this heresy.
    • Xel removes Amanatour paintings from the Spires and hides them in his dormatory.
    • Huginn visited the Emerald Enclave and spoke with Lindahl, the Halfling Druid about Lycanthropy. He was informed that he should return in the next few days when Jeryth Faulkon is back at the Emerald Enclave to discuss it further.
    • The group travels back to Thursdays Inn. They encounter Istrid Horn, a female Dwarven Paladin, sleeping on the bar of the tavern. With the Zhentarim being rounded up for criminal activity, she asks for sanctuary at Thursdays for a ten day and offers to pay 40pp. Mirolyth, Xel and Huginn vote to make her leave. This did not make her happy.
    • There is a dead goldfish in a bowl. A knock on the door. Another goldfish is delivered. It is a Xanathar spy. Blobby eats the live goldfish.
    • Mirolyth rebuilds the Keg Golem. Mirolyth sets up a glyph of warding. If someone enters through the door without the password, the Keg Golem will activate and attack.
    • A stack of mail is on the table. Including dues for the local Guilds of Waterdeep. Xel stuffs them back in the envelope, Return to Sender
    • Huginn receives the deed to Red Sails Warehouse. He hires Mirolyth to be his lawyer (and has a wildly inaccurate understanding of what that means)
    • Oglesby, the group’s personal WUBER driver, asks for time off to visit family
    • Xel is visited by his patron, Caelar Argent. She tells him that the influence of Asmodeus is spreading in Waterdeep. She wants him to do everything he can to make sure that the Cache of Dragons does NOT wind up in the hands of his worshipers.
    • Nicodemus has a dream about the hag, Granny Ethel. He wakes from his nightmare and finds himself crawling on the ceiling.
    • Huginn has a dream. He is standing on the moon looking at a world. It is wrapped in chains. Standing next to him is the goddess Selune.
    • Detective Saeth Cromley knocks on the door. The Nimblewright has been spotted going inside of the Red Sails Warehouse. Unfortunately, most of the City Watch are too fearful to go into that section of the Dock Ward due to lawlessness.

    Session 28 – A Return to Normal

    • Our adventurers are cheered as they emerge from the Yawning Portal
    • The group free the five nobles from the alchemest vial prisons.
    • Tessa Karlov
    • Huginn discovers that he has been “fired” as a member of the Yawning Portal kitchen staff.
    • Chef is no longer a pudgy, out-of-shape cook. His body is now ripped with muscles, but he still acts the same. Huginn’s Staff of the Lycanthropes indicates Chef is a were-creature.
    • Mennett welcomes back Huginn with an extra friendly hug. The two have dinner together. She tries to persuade Huginn to join herself and Jeremiah in their quest for the Stone of Golorr. Huginn declines. She insists that this conversation stays between them.
    • Mirolyth meets Pendragon Beestinger. Human Wizard and part of Acquisitions Incorporated “B”Team. He insists on buying Blobby. Blobby does not want to go. Pendragon seems proturbed.
    • Huginn discovers he can read the thoughts of chickens. He also discovers that Kevin brought a roasted chicken to the Silvermoor house and shared with Nico’s sister, Bridgette.
    • Xel Returns to the Spires of the Morning for self reflection.
    • Lorrent, after coming close to death several times in Undermountain, informs Nicodemus that he no longer wishes to pursue his apprenticeship as a squire. His aunt and uncle pick him up from the Silvermoor estate.
    • Nico’s brother Delvin pushes for him to give up adventuring and join with their father Rainer in the family business.
    • Nico and Mirolyth realize that living at the Silvermoor mansion may be putting the Silvermoor family in harm’s way. The crew begin to pack their belongings and plan a move to Trollskull Manor.

    Session 27 – Escape for the Alchemists Lair

    • Nicodemus makes a deal with the hag Granny Ethel Knucklebones in order to return his brother Delvin back to normal. She performs a blood transfusion between the two brothers using herself as a conduit.

      Session 26 – Venturing into the Alcemist’s Lair

      Session 25 –

      • We loot the bodies and find some gold, and jerky!
        Find a warning letter written in goblin
        Meet a vampire named Uktarl who says these are his lands.
        But they are actually just vampires in disguise – losers.
        I intimidate them into backing down
        Tell us to keep going north and that is where there has been some commotion
        Huginn is on his own adventure at the start of the dungeon
        Three statues in the center of the room – Elandro, Roofus, and Onith
        “Smelly bottom”, “Stupid skull”, “Born toothless”
        At the base of one of the statues are the bones of a goblin and a broken white wooden staff
        We head up the stairs to the north in search of more adventures!
        Find a secret passageway. It is going the wrong way, but it is interesting.
        Find a coffin back in a dusty, abandoned area
        Put my entire staff in a hole in the bottom.
        That doesn’t work so I put a lit ball bearing inside.
        There is a small ornate vial in there but it does not fit through the hole.
        I send blobby in and he finds a trap on the inside of the coffin
        We pull the lid off and a bunch of poison explodes out into the area
        I sprint away, screaming for Xel to run and alerting Huginn
        Go back and retrieve a potion of flying
        Huginn, Laurent, and Jeremiah find us
        “Reunited and it feeeeels so good.”
        Looks like Laurent is cursed and cannot drop the sword he found while out with Huginn
        Apparently Jeremiah’s sister has a crush on Huginn – stupid sexy Huginn
        Enter a room with a bone throne with snake armrests
        Body of a wyvern is lying in the middle of the room with broken glass all around it
        Walls are covered in torch sconces – but all but two are empty
        Nicodemus walks over to the throne and opens up the seat. The armrests come to life and snap at Nicodemus, but he dodges.
        We decide to light up all of the torches along the outside of the room and it causes a map of the dungeon to light up.
        Open a side door and there is a flesh golem – we GTFO
        Continue to a room up north and walk in on a set of actors trying to dress up as vampires
        Says Haria asked them to extort anyone that comes through
        They end up telling us that Haria has captured the girls from the surface and that the alchemist is up to the north
        We turn around to fight the Flesh Golem after all
        Use a flaming sphere to trap it in place and destroy it with ease
        The “vampires” from the other room run in to attack us.
        One of them moves in and strikes down Laurent
        I cast slow on the lot of them and then Huginn casts a fear spell from his new staff as he transforms into a werechicken. Wow.
        Almost all of them run and Haria surrenders to us

        Session 24
        Head to the market
        Halfling runs up to us and hands us a flier for the First Bank of Waterdeep
        I sell my giant emerald and get 1000 gold and a piece of dwarven ore
        I made Laurent carry it
        Buy a huge amount of equipment at the market and then head to the Yawning Portal
        Get name and address of Priest of Maurodin from Volo
        Tomassin is down in the Yawning Portal with some of her friends and needs to be saved
        This is the daughter of the Grallhunds
        Get a box of loot from the Silver Hands
        It contains a piece of loot for each of us – a gold ring and a note from Vajra that says good luck.
        Except Xel’s has an application alongside it for the Grey Hands. He gives the box back.
        We are lowered down the Yawning Portal
        Move through a twisted maze of the undermountain first floor and encounter one of the Grallhund children – eldest daughter – as we are attacked by a squad of bandits
        Oh god so many bandits
        I manage to go and take down the bandit leader almost one-on-one. Completely humiliate him as I dance around his attacks and even hit him with melee attacks.

        Session 23
        The swords exploded as the door opened, but there is still a half-moon emblem.
        Take a quick rest so we can determine what the staff does
        Have Huginn turn into a mouse with the staff and half-moon emblem and going to try to pretend that he died in the tomb.
        Thaumaturgy to make it sounds like demons are crying out as Xel uses a flaming sphere to burn the area.
        Matron does not seem to be buying it
        Turns into a huge bar room blitz
        Huginn is launched into battle, transforming from mouse to rhinoceros
        Knock down their matron and they seem to surrender
        Go stomping out of the area in victory
        Return to the manor, dispel the magic from my emerald, and do some keg golem research
        Davil Starsong – name in the Waterdeep Gazette. One of the folks we encountered very early in our adventures.
        Guard are targeting the Zentarim
        Learn that I only need one piece of Dwarven Ore blessed by a Priest of Maurodin to fix the Keg Golem
        Half-Moon Emblem
        Glows when lycanthropes are in 90 feet
        Can cast Darkness / Moonbeam once per day (DC 15)
        Must be embedded in a weapon to work
        I pitch the idea to go save Nicodemus’s brother, but Xel first wants to arrange a meeting with Laeral Silverhand, the open lord, by going to Vajra
        Huginn stands erect with his staff in hand as it pulses hotly in his tightly gripping hands.
        Xel takes the emblem to attach it to his weapon
        Laurent is excited to come along, but is not ready for the undermountain
        Go to meet with Vajra to request a meeting with Laeral
        She is going to set it up for us
        Dalakar was the name of the gnome that tried to deliver the Stone of Galoor to us that used to work for Lord Neverember.
        Azmodeus is still keeping tabs on us and that is the same god that the Grallhund’s worship

        Episode 23 – Ballroom Blitz

        • Among the shattered remains of the swords, Mirolyth picks up a Half-Moon Emblem
        • The Thursday crew emerge from the basement. Huginn is shapeshifted into a mouse and hides in Nicodemus’ pocket
        • Vixen, werefox owner of the Smiling Siren, demands they hand over the Staff of Lycanthropes
        • Huginn shapeshifts into a Rhino after Nicodemus throws him like a Pokeball.
        • Vixen does not believe the story of our adventurers and a battle ensues. One werewolf dead, the lycanthropes surrender. Vixen claims that they do NOT know what they are dealing with (regarding the Staff of Lycanthropes)
        • Back to the House of Silvermoor for a Long rest. In the morning, Lorrent is found in his room with a rapier repeatedly stabbing a drawing of a Nimblewright.

          Episode 22 – Beautiful Night for a Moondance

          • After the grisly scene at Gralhund Villa our adventurers discuss topics and prepare for a night’s rest.
          • Xel identifies that the Emerald given to him by Lady Gralhund has some sort of enchantment magic on it.
          • Xel decides to take matters into his own hands and heads to Castle Waterdeep. He speaks with the guards at the gate and demands that he gets the opportunity to speek with the Open Lord, Laeral Silverhand. He is instructed to request an audience with Laeral if he wants to meet with her. This can be done during the day, through the proper channels.
          • Huginn has a dream about
          • Nicodemus has a dream about going down into the Yawning Portal to Undermountain. He and Lorrent are surrounded by Nimblewrights. They strike down Lorrent. Nicodemus awakens as he hears the voice of his brother, Delvin.
          • Blobby travels out of Mirolyth’s room and down the hall. It is here that Mirolyth notices Sarah’s door is open. The bedroom is a mess and looks to have been searched thoroughly. The window is open and the slight sense of brimstone is in the air. Some sort of devil may have been looking for something.
          • Kevin, a member of the City Watch was um… visiting with Bridgette Silvermoor in her room… long past visiting hours. Nicodemus insists that Kevin work for the family if he is intent on having a relationship with his younger sister
          • Nicodemus asks Mirolyth to write up a Last Will & Testament for him. Nicodemus also shares his backstory of how his hand was smashed with a hammer by a noble.
          • Xel’s dream plays Lady Gralhunds words over and over: “Our religious beliefs may be quite different…”. She is shoveling documents into the stoked fire. He goes down stairs, into a basement and sees Caelar Argent locked up. He then finds himself behind the bars and looking at a copy of Waterdeep’s CODE LEGAL
          • Our adventurers decide to forego their long rest and follow the lighted path of the Lantern of Selune to the Smiling Siren Nightclub.
          • Inside the Smiling Siren are lady dancers and strong bodyguards. Huginn, Mirolyth, and Nicodemus partake in some strange, exotic drinks (that look like lava lamps). They meet their waitress, Brageeta, who is a little on the ditsy side, but extremely nice.
          • Our adventurers are taken into a back room where they meet the owner of the establishment, Vixen. She is intent on acquiring the lunar swords from our group. Finally she caves in and gives them access to the lunar vault underneath the building.
          • Using the swords, Huginn is transferred to a pocket dimension. He grabs hold of a white orb that pierces the palm of his hand causing a serious wound. As the dimension begins to crumble, Huginn is given an option of several different escape paths (Rat, Wolf, Tiger, Bear, Boar, Deer, and Chicken). He picks Chicken. In the next room he finds a staff and the orb he found takes the shape of a Moon and attaches itself to the staff.
          • The Lunar Swords are removed from the strange device and shatter into pieces.

          Episode 21 – Thug-Thumping

          • Mirolyth is released early from Jury Duty and makes his way to the Gralhund Villa for the scheduled business meeting
          • Zhentarim Thugs have swarmed Gralhund Villa
          • In the Villa, Mirolyth recognizes the Zhentarim that stabbed him outside of the Yawning Portal, Urstil Floxin. He escapes.
          • Our adventurers meet Yalah Gralhund and her half-orc bodyguard Herabazz. They also save her husband, Orond Gralhund. Urstil Floxin was smashing his head off of a cabinet.
          • We also meet two of the three Gralhund children. 13-year-old Zartan and 10-year-old Greth. It was noticed that they may have an older daughter per the family portrait in the great hall of their estate, but we did not ask the Gralhunds about her.
          • Orond Gralhund states that Urstil thought he knew the location of the Stone of Golorr. The Gralhunds state they are well off without the horde of gold and have no need to participate in this treasure hunt. But, they have also heard rumors that Nico, Xel, Huginn and Mirolyth may have possession of the artifact.
          • Yalah acknowledges Urstil Floxin was hired to provide additional security, but now realize that she cannot trust the Zhentarim. She thought the Nimblewright was a faithful servant but believes that it was working under instruction of the Zhents. It stole her magical Necklace of Fireballs.
          • Yalah denies any knowledge about Lycanthropes within the city. Also, she states that Xel and the Gralhunds have different “opinions” about their religious beliefs.
          • Yalah Gralhund speaks privately with Nicodemus. She signs over the deed to Poultry Farms. However, rather than accepting the deed for the Red Sails Warehouse in return (Dock Ward), she proposes an alternative request. She also may have let it slip that she may have had relations with Nico’s father a long time ago, before, of course, Mrs. Silvermoor.
          • Yalah believes that there is corruption within Waterdeep. This corruption is in the City Watch, the Watchful Order and has bled into the Masked Lords. As a noble of Waterdeep, Yalah takes particular interest in prevent corrupt Waterdavian politics. She has asked that Nicodemus investigate five suspicious leads on possible masked lords and report back to her.
            • Omin Dran
            • Nazra Mrays
            • Argos Azurecrest
            • Gefuril the Traitor
            • Xoblob
          • Yalah privately threatens Nicodemus not to cross her on this deal. She has paid her end of the agreement up front.
          • Each adventurer is awarded an Emerald (worth 1000gp) as a token of gratitude from Mrs. Gralhund.
          • From the list, Xel Atal mentions that Xoblob seems a rather strange inclusion… for he is a gnome. Also, Mirolyth’s grandfather, Argos Azurecrest, has not been seen for years.
          • Nicodemus speaks to his father. The Poultry Farm property now belongs to Nicodemus. He tosses his Emerald to Lord Silvermoor. Rainer is also unaware that the Red Sails Warehouse is still in their possession. Nicodemus has Huginn sign the deed. Huginn now owns the Red Sails Warehouse making him a permanent resident of Waterdeep.
          • Our adventurers discuss the deal Nico made with Gralhund and contemplate bringing the matter to Vajra or the open lord of Waterdeep, Laeral Silverhand
          • Long rest at the House of Silvermoor. All characters reach 6th level

          Episode 20 – Beast Mode

          • The Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors are short-handed. Watchful Order investigator Barnibus Blastwind arrives to draft Mirolyth into service and help with a case.
          • Oglesby drives the WUBER towards the North Ward and Trollskull Manor
          • The Nimblewright Detector begins to “whirl” and leads our adventurers to the House of Gralhund
          • Nicodemus drinks a Giant Strength potion, becomes invisible and climbs the wall of the Gralhund estate.
          • Something was “wrong” with the Giant Strength potion. Nicodemus has a feeling of “rage” that surges through his body
          • Nicodemus engages in combat with the Groundskeeper and the 2 rottweiler guard dogs (which are actually shadows)
          • Xel flys into the estate and Huginn shapeshifts into an ape to climb the walls of the estate.
          • The shadow guard dogs and the groundskeeper are killed. Xel, Nico and Huginn enter the mansion.
          • The Great Hall of Gralhund Villa is littered with 8 dead guards. All of which have the House Gralhund Livery over their chain shirts. 2 Thugs armed with bloody maces and dressed in black leather armor stand over them.
          • Xel, Huginn and Nico defeat the Thugs. They then hear Mirolyth’s voice: “Hello, is anyone there??”. End Session

          Episode 19 – Fireball

          • Breakfast was served at the House of Silvermoor. Lord Rainer Silvermoor mentions that something must be done with the chickens that are running around. Stresses the importance of Nicodemus’ meeting with the Gralhunds to obtain the Poultry Farms Property.
          • Lord Rainer Silvermoor feels that Nicodemus could make a deal with Yalah Gralhund. Swapping the Poultry Farm Property + Gold for the Red Sails Warehouse in the Dock Ward. The Gralhunds have had interest in this property for some time now.
          • Sarah Silvermoor and Vassago have been called away to Baldur’s Gate on a mission for the Harpers
          • A Fireball explodes in the streets outside of the House of Silvermoor.
          • Killed in the Blast are:
            • Rayanna mother of Lorrent and his Youngest Brother Klem
            • An Elderly Human (Unidentified)
            • Two Males Cloaked in Black (Unidentified)
            • Two Human Females carrying groceries (Unidentified)
            • One Male Gnome identified as Dalakar
            • Three Townsfolk identified as followers of Lathander
          • In addition, WUBER driver Oglesby and his cart were caught in the blast. He survived, but his top hat and cart did not.
          • Nicodemus’ neighbor, 80-year-old widow Margaret Caskbow was tending to her plants when the blast went off. She is hard of hearing.
          • Margaret witnesses a cloaked man take something from the Gnome’s dead body. He was badly burned, but limped away heading NorthEast
          • Xel speaks with dead. Dalakar tells him that he was on his way to give the Gray Hands + Xel the Stone of Galoor. He states that the Zhentarim knew he had the stone and were after him.
          • Lorrent chases down a Nimblewright that was running across the rooftops in the neighborhood. He did not catch it, but did find a Necklace of Fireballs.
          • Watchful Order member Barnibus Blastwind and Detective Saeth Cromley are on the scene. This is the second day in a row that they are called to a crime that involves Xel, Nico, Mirolyth and Huggin.
          • Lorrent wants revenge for the death of his mother. Nicodemus promises him that chance.
          • Nicodemus prepares Lorrent to become a Squire.
              • li>

            Knights of the Merciful Sword

              : Fight the Greater Evil. No Mercy for the Wicked. Restitution.
          • Holy Water – Libra / Scales – Blindfolded – Bound their Right
          • Nicodemus promises for burial of Lorrent’s mother and brother in the City of the Dead. Jeeves begins to make arrangements
          • Our Thursdays crew successfully remove the body of the dead Gnome Dalakar. They sneak it into the City of the Dead and stash his remains in the empty resting place of Nico’s brother Delvin. They take 5 gems from his dead body. Each worth 100gp.
          • Nicodemus announces his suspicion that the City Watch may be “dirty”. As they seem to “see everything”. Also recalling a member of the Watchful Order AND City Watch in the sewers with Xanathar.
          • Those that have lived in Waterdeep all of their lives recall seeing Nimblewrights in festivals and parades. They head to the House of the Inspired Hands, Temple of Gond, to investigate
          • At the House of Inspired Hands the crew meet Valetta (Dragonborn Priest) and Nim, a Nimblewright Tinkerer that can create other devices and mechanical items.
          • Nim created a Nimblewright that looked like him because he was lonely, but that nimblewright fled in confused terror over a month ago.
          • The Gray Hands + Xel aquire a Nimblewright Detector from Nim. When activated, it will detect other Nimblewrights within 500 feet.

          Episode 18 – Cluck-a-Pult

            • The Emerald Enclave has been taking in an abundance of chickens that scattered after the destruction of Poultry Farms. Huginn helps create cages and eliminate some of the chaos by the influx of yard birds
            • Huginn learns that the Poultry Farms property is owned by the Gralhund Noble Family. They have posted guards and No Tresspassing signs on their property, but have not made any efforts to restore the structure
            • Huginn learns about Lycanthropy from groundskeeper, Melannor Fellbranch
            • Huginn brings six chickens and catches a WUBER back to Trollskull Manor. This eighteen year old WUBER driver, Elena, takes a particular interest in Lycanthropes, and is a worshiper of Selune
              Chickens are: Muffin, Egg Nog, Freda, Olive, Opal, and Marshmallow
            • Mirolyth catapults the meteorite object Nicodemus had found into the wall of Trollskull Manor’s basement. It cracks open revealing a magical item: Ruby of the War Mage
            • There seems to be more than one spirit haunting Trollskull Manor
            • An Imp was spying on Trollskull Manor. Xel speaks with dead. The Imp stated it works for Asmodeus. That it was sent to spy on them to see if they were a threat. And, concluded, that they were NOT a threat.
            • Huginn fears for the lives of the chickens.
            • The crew head back to Silvermoor Estate, six new chickens in hand. Their WUBER driver is Craabia, a human female in her lower 50s. She drives her WUBER carriage like a maniac, screams a lot, and is outright dangerous.
            • When they arrive to Silvermoor estate, they also see Nicodemus’ sister Bridgette being dropped off by Kevin (City Watchman) after a date. Bridgette belittles Nicodemus and his friends. Huginn gives Kevin a chicken, Freda
            • Mirolyth catapults a live chicken through the 2nd story window, crashing the chicken into Bridgette. I believe this was “Muffin”.
            • Huginn takes the new chickens into the back of the estate (joining Hen Solo, Cluck Norris, Lucky and Clucky) Huginn sees a 2 foot tall, dark figure. It’s yellow eyes intent and watching the chicken coop.
            • Mirolyth resides in the library and studies up on creating Keg Golems

          All is good. Long Rest

          Episode 17 – The Howling

          • Huginn splits from the group to check in at the Emerald Enclave
          • While inside the Spires of the Morning, Jeremiah was able to slip away from City Watchmen James and Kevin
          • The group take an WUber back to Trollskull Manor. Their driver is a 70-some year old Human by the name of Brom. He falls asleep at least once while driving to Trollskull Alley. And the travel is much slower than previous WUber drivers
          • Arriving at the Manor, they see that Jeeves (From House Silvermoor), by direction of Mrs. Silvermoor, has had his crew working and repairing the old mansion. Scaffolding is outside and the inside had been cleaned up. Although no workers are currently present
          • The ghost, Lif, writes a message pointing to the remains of the Keg Golem. Asking the party to fix it.
          • The party find the body of Dirk, the Tiefling glassblower that the crew saved from being hung outside of town by the angry mob, dead in the library.
          • Dirk had crafted a very nice beer and wine glass collection for the bar. Dirk also left a lot of pipes and drug paraphernalia, including a bag of purple weed.
          • The party encounter werewolves. They were trying to break into the safe that contains the Lunar Swords
          • Mirolyth’s Gelatinous Jelly, “Blobby“, joins the battle after Mirolyth catapults the jar across the room and smashes it into a werewolf
          • Three werewolves are slain. One escapes.
          • Six members of the City Watch arrive at the scene after complaints of noise, possible magic use and peculiar occurrences taking place at Trollskull Manor. Joining them are Barnibus Blastwind, a special investigator of the Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors in Waterdeep and Saeth Cromley, a Sergeant in the City Watch closing in on retirement.
          • The crew, miraculously talk their way out of getting in trouble from the drugs and the dead bodies.
          • Xel meets a neighbor, Vincent Trench, a Weretiger and owner of Tiger’s Eye Detective Agency who offers to help offload the burden of the Lunar Swords by purchasing them.
          • Nicodemus asks Mirolyth if he knows a Scribe that can transcribe memoirs.
          • Nicodemus searches the werewolves and finds a strange meteor-like object, about the size of a softball. It is very warm to the touch.
          • A package arrives – late night WPS Delivery. It is not addressed to anyone. It is a fish in a fishbowl.

          Episode 16 – Checkmate

          • The Gray Hands (+ Xel) rescue prisoners being held captive in the Wererat lair. Nicodeumus spares the lives of the wererats and lets them go.
          • Sarah Silvermoor sneaks off before freeing the prisoners. Headed to the Spires of the Morning to attend to her wounds.
          • The crew release Vassago, Bertha, and Jeremiah from their cells.
          • Vassago reveals to Mirolyth that he is a Harper spy. He and Sarah Silvermoor have been keeping an eye on Bertha and Zhentarim activity
          • Bertha speaks with Nicodemus. She plans on meeting with his father, Lord Silvermoor, to obtain legal counsel about filing an insurance claim on the burnt out Skewered Dragon.
          • Jeremiah, brother of Mennett, has rock solid abs, flowing locks and a care-free spirit. He borrows the WUBER Wagon belonging to the Half Orc with a top hat, Oglesby, and escort the Thursdays crew through Waterdeep.
          • The crew find out the Wuber Wagon is “borrowed” and paralyze Jeremiah with a Hold Person spell, crashing it into a Waterbucks in the Castle Ward. At least one reporter had his scroll “confiscated” at the scene.
          • Xel can only speak in Celestial. They take him to the Spires of the Morning. They also leave Jeremiah on a bench with the City Watch
          • Huginn and Mirolyth ask Pastor Bright about Lycanthropy, but before the conversation takes place, they accompany Xel to a locked area of the Spires of the Morning.
          • Caelar Argent, Xel’s Patron, puts him through a series of tests and endurances to test his allegiance and resolve. At the end of the tests, the Xel and the Gray Hands find themselves on Avernus where they are attacked by both demons and devils. The demons are defeated, the devils flee, and the party finds themselves back in present day, in the temple
          • Nicodemus is granted abilities from his deity Tyr in the form of arcane abilities.
          • Xel Atel is freed from the ill-effects of the purple chess pieces and his mind returns to normal.
          • Xel obtains the legendary magical item, Circlet of Cynosure once warn by Caelar Argent herself.

          Episode 15 – Aye, Wererats, Aye

          The adventurers climb down into the sewers following a trail of blood from the scorched Skewered Dragon

          • The Thursdays crew are pulled into a concealed room in the main sewer tunnel. Meeting a Dwarven Dungsweeper by the name of Hoggle (gray bearded dwarf all sentences end in “Aye”). He claims to have been an adventurer at one time, but after being brought back to life, decided to work for the city of Waterdeep for the Dungsweepers Guild
          • A large Yellow/Purple Beholder floats by alongside the creepy 10 year old girl in a blue dress, a member of the City Watch, and what appears to be a Black Robe from the WOMP.
          • The discussion overheard was of: 1) The rats using the Xanathar Guild weapons for their own gain and 2) if the “Sylgar’s” food had been acquired.
          • Nico’s magic sword nearly tempts him to confront the Sewer Squad, Mirolyth’s Gelatinous Jelly wants out of its jar, and Xel sends his cat familiar (Lil Caelar) out to be disintegrated by the beholder
          • Hoggle leads the crew to the Wererat hideout. Sarah Silvermoor catches up with them and informs her brother Nicodemus and his friends that she is secretly a member of the Harpers. Her current mission involves protecting Bertha, from the Skewered Dragon, to gain information about Zhentarim operations.
          • The group with the assistance of Sarah and her Shoes of Spider Climbing raid a hideout where they believe a group of Wererats are holding prisoners.
          • An odd beholder like abomination with 4 eyestalks and a central purple eye that permeates a “high” type feeling seems to have some type of connection with Nicodemus and Mirolyth.
          • The crew eliminate four Xanathar Eye Thugs and the tiny beholder. The Wererats surrender.
          • Among the wererats, Xel finds Ayana Julruk. He had previously encountered her before at the Spires of the Morning. In her possession is a purple chess piece. This is the third one of Caelar’s chosen three. Ayana, seems perfectly fine being a Lycanthrope and has no desires to return to her previous life as a Warlock of Caelar.
          • On the top “ratwalk” of the room, two wererats escape. One of them was wearing a black and red cape.
          • The four remaining wererats surrender. Our Gray Hands (+Xel) convince them that it is not wise to continue their alliance with the Xanathar.
          • Mirolyth retrieves the fifth moon sword from one of the wererats. One of the wererats gives vague information about its importance. It seems to have something to do with a conflict between different species of Lycanthropes.
            Being held prisoner in the rat hideout are: the Tiefling Wizard Vassago, Bertha owner of the Skewered Dragon, and Jeremiah – brother of Mennett from the Yawning Portal

          Our adventurers pondered a few moments about what may come next in their lives. After the encounter with the Lycanthropes…

          • Huginn’s future plans include a visit to the Emerald Enclave to see if anything recent has developed. Huginn is also enamoured with the Wererats. Curious and somewhat fearful of Lycanthropes and may want to find more information on these. Huginn has a renewed interest in Volo’s book and the monsters within
          • Mirolyth is curious about a myriad of things. What are the purpose of the Lunar swords and what is this conflict that the wererats are speaking of?
          • Xel having acquired a third chess piece will be turning to Caelar to find out what she has planned for him.
          • Nicodemus…

          Next Episode (Tonight 7/23). Open world! I’m excited to find out what happens next.

          The only other thing I think left was the meeting that Lord Silvermoor set up with your group and the Gralhunds regarding obtaining the Poultry Farm property.

          Episode 14 – Burnt, Fried and Extra Crispy

          • A peaceful dinner at the Silvermoor House is interrupted with chaos in the chicken coop.
          • Eyeful Perception reveals the chicken coop was destroyed from the inside. Clucky is dead and Crispy is missing
          • Nico feels a demonic presence fleeing the scene but unable to catch up with it
          • Mirolyth feeds his Gelatinous Jelly “Blobby”
          • Lord Silvermoor asks Nico to meet with Yalah Gralhund the next evening in order to purchase the property that once housed the Poultry Farm.
          • Nico and Huginn camp out in the backyard of the Manor. Sara Silvermoor comes home late and trips an alarm.
          • Sara Silvermoor approaches Mirolyth about a mutual “friend” that has gone missing, Vassago. Mirolyth notices Sara’s wounds and that she smells of smoke.
          • Nico and Xel meet with the Poultry Farm Family that is staying at the Spires of the Morning. Mother is Rayanna Ammasis (long straight, red hair, freckled). Children are Lorrent (13), Jom (10), Voster (8), and Klem (6). Their father, Bog, was KIA.
          • Nico takes on Lorrent Ammasis as a squire. Nico and Xel speak with the family…….
          • Nico mentions turning Trollskull Manor into an orphanage.
          • The Thursday crew take a WUber to the South Ward and approach the Skewered Dragon. A half orc WUber driver with a top hat.
          • Mirolyth notices a “well dressed” elderly couple in an area that is run down
          • The inside of the Skewered Dragon seems to have been scorched. A couple of dead bodies lie charred on the ground, including that of One Note, the Bard.
          • The group feel that there may be a connection between the burned building and Sara Silvermoor based on the fact that she came home late and reeked of smoke
          • Our Gray Hands (+ Xel) follow a trail that leads into the sewers below.
          • The crew now seeks out what may have happened at the Skewered Dragon and journey to fulfill a previous promise to Huginn made to Mennett (waitress at the Yawning Portal) to find her brother, Jeremiah.

          Episode 13 – Ichor Under the Bridge

          • Our Gray Hands + Xel arrive at Phaulkonmere estate. Jeryth asks Huginn to ensure the safety of Blossom Snobeedle. The owner of Snobeedle Orchard & Meadery and fellow Emerald Enclave member.
          • While waiting for Huginn, Xel, Nico, and Mirolyth witness two druids, one by the name of Garruk, feeding a strange plant creature. The flower pot appears to be empty, but they deploy a single droplet of liquid and a hungry plantoid explodes through the dirt, snatches the droplet, and sinks back down beneath.
          • Garruk tells the adventurers about a mythical city that covers an entire world. In this urban world, nature can only be found in an enormous park, surrounded by buildings and structure.
          • Arrive at Blackstaff Tour. Vajra and Neol Dawnbringer have amassed a platoon of volunteers, including wizards and clerics of Lathander and Mielikki to travel to the Northern settlements and heal the villagers from the brainwashing brought upon them by the Grazzt cult.
          • Vajra explains that the Blood War, has spilled over to the material plane. Baldur’s Gate is experiencing a lot of activity and she hopes to keep any contamination from spreading throughout Waterdeep.
          • After interrogating the prisoner Vance (capture by the Gray Hands days ago), it was determined that Grazz’t’s cult was on a recruitment drive led by a prison guard at Amendsfarm, a human by the name of Basil.
          • Vajra sends the Gray Hands to Amendsfarm Prison to deal with the cult leader, Basil. A task similar to what the patron Caelar Argent has requested of Xel Atal.
          • A magical wall in Blackstaff Tower depicts the name of Past & Present Gray Hands members. All of our Thursday Gray Hands are present. Nico also sees the name of his older brother, Delvin Silvermoor. Xel tries to mend/erase his name.
          • Amendsfarm is surrounded by a moat made of black tentacles and the only passage is to cross a bridge lined with Gargoyles.
          • In attempts to cross the bridge, Nicodemus gets caught up in a rope trap and a gargoyle flies him over the Ichor Moat and the tentacles pull him down. Huginn and Mirolyth find themselves shoved over the bridge but are able to grab onto the side of it and hold on for dear life. Huginn, unable to maintain his grip, and with tentacles circling him to drag him down, falls into the Ichor below. Mirolyth allows himself to be captured by the Gargoyle trap and devises a suicidal plan to save his friends from drowning in the moat of ichor. Unfortunately, the tentacles engulf him as well. Rather than turning back to retreat to Waterdeep after what seems to be the demise of his three friends, Xel Atal presses onward with the task at hand, navigates the bridge and determined more now than ever, to extinguish the evil within the encampment.
          • The black tentacles actually teleport the Gray Hands into the lower level of the prison. They awaken to find themselves in jail cells along with the captive children of the Northern Settlements and an elderly halfling druid by the name of Blossom Snobeedle.
          • The Gray Hands are able to free themselves, Blossom, and the children.
          • Xel Atal watches Basil transform into a babau demon and then melts him with the radiant power granted to him by Caelar Argent
          • Nicodemus befriends a rambunctious 13 year old lad by the name of Lorrent. Lorrent and his three younger brothers were captive at Amendsfarm. They live (lived) at the Poultry Farm house with their parents.
          • Blossom Snobeedle speaks with Huginn and tells him of her youngest son, Dasher Snobeedle. He has been missing for six months. She believes in her heart that he is alive and knows he will return someday. She describes Dasher to Huginn and the fact that he commonly wore a red/black cape and enjoys pears.
          • Mirolyth, Huginn, and Nico now have RENOWN 2 for the Gray Hands
          • Huginn now has RENOWN 2 for Emerald Enclave

          Episode 12 – Devil with a Blue Dress On

          • Our Thursday adventurers return from the outpost settlement to the North and reenter Waterdeep from the North Gate
          • A long rest is needed at Lord Silvermoor’s manor.
          • Huginn and Jeeves build a chicken coup using spare materials and Bridgette Silvermoor’s former clubhouse in the back yard of the estate
          • Nico reveals a plan for a poultry farm to his father, and Lord Silvermoor embraces this idea and plan as a worthwhile business venture
          • Huginn has a nightmare of chickens and demons
          • Nico has a nightmare of having a floppy eyeball. He watches as a ray shoots from his eye and turns an individual, in an alley, to stone.
          • Mirolyth’s nightmare also consists of a floppy eyeball. And, he sees his long-time rival disintegrated by a ray shot from his eye.
          • In a dream, Xel interacts with his Patron Caelar Argent over a game of chess. Three chess pieces stick out to Xel. A Bishop and Knight (currently in his possession) and a Rook chess piece that is transparent and cannot be grasped. Caelar tells Xel that her third follower has gone rogue and lost to evil. She needs him to find this piece. She also instructs Xel to confront the prison guard, Basil, at Amendsfarm to finish stomping out the Grazz’t cult that has taken root. Finally, Caelar tells Xel to hold strong his faith in Lathander for his path will feature a different reality from others, but this reality is absolutely necessary and will make sense to him all in due time.
          • Our adventurers create a plan to visit with the Emerald Enclave and then back to speak to Vajra, the Blackstaff
          • The Thursdays crew hop on an open wagon with an older Halfling driver. During their travels to Phulkonmere, they pick up a mother and a creepy little girl in a Blue Dress. The child seemed to have some insight into our characters. Signaling a neck slashing move to Huginn and claiming to have seen Mirolyth disintegrate someone. Mirolyth asks the girl if this person was a tiefling, in which she replied, yes. After a short scuffle, the crew agrees to let the little girl go. Her mother takes her by the hand and walks off into the streets of the South Ward.

          Episode 11 – Poultry Heist

          Our crew travels West to the Poultry Farm. It is here that they discover the

          Episode 10 – Hate me Today


          Mennett: Her brother was taken captive and taken down into the sewers

          GRAY HANDS MISSION: Need to receive message from Messenger at the Play – Rise of Tiamat… Wearing Red Robe with Black Stripes and a Blue Dragon Mask. Turns out, three individuals in the play have Blue Dragon Masks. Must report back to Vajra.

          EMERALD ENCLAVE: Lindal the Druid will send instruction to Huginn to meet at Phaulkonmere in the South Ward to discuss the Emerald Enclave.

          SKEWERED DRAGON: Bertha, owner of the Skewered Dragon sent Zhentarim agents to find Mirolyth. She demands that he meets with her. She feels he cheated her on the price of the Moon Sword.

          TROLLSKULL MANOR: Now owned by the PCs… What next???

          STONE OF GOLORR: Key to finding Lord Neverrember’s hidden gold

          KNOWN NPCs and SHOPS

          (and where you first met them or know them from)

          Floyd – One of three Dwarven brothers. They are brewers from the Dalelands. Wants to discuss their brews on tap at Trollskull Manor
          Random Apprentice Wizard #1 – Messaged by Xel
          Random Eye Tattoo Guy #1
          Mirt – Eating a turkey leg
          Morter – Town Cryer that is selling tickets outside of the theater

          – Didn’t go in. The line was out the door
          – 5 Star Diner in Waterdeep. Did not go.

          Hyustis Staget (Hew-Stus Stag-It) – Chief of City Ward. Deputized the PCs
          Targ – A begger missing a foot. Nicodemus gave him a few coin.

          Rainer – Nicodemus’ Father
          Abigale – Nicodemus’ Mother
          Bridgette – Nicodemus’ Sister. Proper. Fancy dresses. Smart. Good at chess
          Sara – Nicodemus’ Sister. Not as proper. Dresses in black and in plain clothes
          Usna – Maid/Cook. Makes great sack lunches
          Jeeves – Butler. You can ask him anything

          Lif – She is the ghost at Trollskull Manor
          Orsik – Mentioned as the dwarf who created the Keg Golem (Temple of Solus?)
          Argos Azurecrest – Did not meet, but seen him in the paintings of Trollskull Manor

          Vajra Safahr – The Blackstaff and leader of the Gray Hands

          Castle Ward
          Lindal – Druid messenger for Emerald Enclave. Arrived as Calico cat and talked to Huginn
          Avari – Niece of Volo. Smoked purple weed with Nicodemus and Mirolyth
          Vassago – Tiefling Wizard that attends the same school as Mirolyth. Not the friendliest of sorts
          Ranaer Neverrember – Friend of Volo and Floon. Son of former Lord of Waterdeep.
          – Rescued from the Xanathar Bandits that were staked out inside of the Zhentarim hideout.
          Floon – Friend of Volo’s and Ranear Neverember. Rescued from Sewers
          Volothamp Geddarm: Volo hired adventurers to find Floon. Gave them deed to Trollskull Manor
          Meloon – Has had conversation with Mirolyth about his adventuring days
          Yagra – Half-orc surrounded by Xanathar agents in our 1st adventure
          Joe – Commoner that fell into the Yawning Portal during the troll fight

          Employees of Yawning Portal
          Chef – Overweight, head cook. Full of great advice
          Mennett – New waitress works with Huginn
          Ethel – Unusually strong old lady. Barback. Sings karaoke
          Bonnie – Waitress at Yawning Portal
          Durnan – Owner of Yawning Portal. Former Adventurer. Friend of the Silvermoor family (including brother Delvin) and Xel.
          Three Strings – Bard that plays at Yawning Portal. Befriended by Huginn

          Dock Ward. Not the cleanest of places to visit. The ale leaves a bit to be desired.
          One Note – Taverns local bard. Short jam session with Huginn
          Bertha – Owner / Bartender. Sold a Moon Sword to Mirolyth

          – Castle Ward. Xel Atal woke before dawn to attend service in the house of Lathander
          A walled compound surrounding seven towers crafted of dusky rose marble, accented and capped with fine scrollwork of copper, silver, and gold that reflected the dawn’s light.
          Ayana Julruk – Human with a purple Rook chesspiece. This seems to be a part of the same set that Xel Atal’s bishop is from. Follower of Lathander.

          Trinkets and Wonders from all across the world… that are Purple
          – Bought Purple “smoke” and trinkets here.
          Xoblob – Owner. Gnome. Bald head with Eye Tattoos


          Nicodemus Silvermoor
          – Human Paladin of Tyr. Chestnut brown hair about shoulder length. Goatee. Wearing hand-me-down armor, last year’s model. Injured left hand.

          Mirolyth Azurecrest
          – Elf Wizard. Black robes, Blue trim with academic achievement stripes. Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors Embroidery. Jr. City watch Badge. Studied at Blackstaff Tower. 6 foot tall, Dark Blue Hair, Light Blue Eyes

          Huginn Ansrivarr
          – Half-Elf Druid, Circle of the Land. Traveler’s clothes with grease stains and dirt. Dirt on Feet all the time, even when dirt is not around, Huginn has dirty. Even his signature leaves a trail of dust. 5’6, brown hair with leaves in his hair.

          Xel Atal
          – Aasimar Warlock. Golden skin with blonde hair, shoulder length. Silver eyes. Leather Armor. Acolyte of Lathander with Caelar Argent as his Patron. Satchel over shoulder. Clothes are White/Yellow/Red trim. Fine features. Symmetric.

          ITEMS Acquired

          Gray Hands Welcome Kit – Comic Book, Pamphlet, Lapel Pin and a Gray Glove
          Jr. City Watch Detective Badge
          Four “Moon Swords” depicting the Phases of the Moon
          Hooded Lantern with the holy symbol of Silune on the back – Lantern does not open
          Book of Golems
          Letter requesting the lantern be guarded with their lives
          Password on reprogramming the Keg Golem
          Tickets to the Play – Rise of Tiamat – gift from Ranaer Neverember
          Healing Potions
          Clear Liquid potions with a sliver of a fingernail and snake scales like confetti

          Items Acquired from Old Xoblob’s Shop
          Nicodemus: Purple Flower Pot and… Purple Pot with Pipe
          Xel Atal: Purple Bishop Chess Piece.
          Myrolith: Jar of Purple Gelatinous Jelly
          Hun: Purple Music Box

          OTHER NOTES

          NIGHTMARES experienced in Trollskull Manor
          Nicodemus saw his sister Sarah, dead, surrounded by flying snakes
          Mirolyth lost his intelligence and was unable to read
          Huginn was serving dinner to an entire restaurant who then died of poison
          Xel saw his parents murdered by a cult and then was blinded by the sun