D&D 5E – 5th Level Tabaxi Rogue Swashbuckler Backstory and Character Sheet

This is the Backstory for Ravan-Ur, “Stealkey”, a 5th Level Tabaxi Rogue (Swashbuckler).
Created and written by Immortal Origins from Portugal

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The Red Armada

Ravan-Ur lived in a peaceful village in a forest where the houses were built on top of the trees.
In this village, there was a huge old tree in the middle whose branches were home to an old ruin where the people of the village prayed for their daily safety and of the forest.

Tabaxi are found in
Volo’s Guide to Monsters

Ravan-Ur was 20 years old at this time, he lived with his mother, father, and his 8-year-old sister. He was a carefree person but always focus on doing his chore. He was an expert t climbing and gathering resources and had a strong desire/curiosity of exploring and learning more about the unknown.

One day a group of soldiers dressed in red cloaks with metal armor underneath arrived at the village.
They were called the Red Armada, they were led by their general, a man called Volkzfire, a strong and tall man with a dragon arm wielding an insane huge sword and with a huge scar on his left face side.

Volkzfire wanted to find some said forgotten ruins in this forest but the village people, fearing the worse, stood against him but, unfortunately, they were no match for the Red Armada and a slaughter took place.

During the fight, Ravan-Ur’s father confronted Volkzfire directly but ended up fatally injured and the general eventually reached his home where he found some books regarding information about the ruins. This was because Ravan-Ur’s sister dreamed of one day become a priest of the village and so studied a lot about its history and secrets.

With this information, Volkzfire tried to also take the girl but was confronted by Ravan-Ur and his mother. The result was somewhat expected, Ravan-Ur’s Mother was killed and he barely survived the battle and was left severely injured on his right arm.

Volkzfire found the entrance to the ruins and ordered the little girl to open the hidden door but she had no idea about any hidden door. While Volkzfire’s patience was growing thin, Ravan-Ur managed to stay strong and ignore his injuries. Arming himself with two daggers he rushed to the ruins while standing fearlessly against the soldiers using stealth tactics and strikes.

After arriving to save his sister, Volkzfire ordered one of his best soldiers to finish Ravan-Ur while he searched for a way to open the hidden door.

For someone with such body injuries, Ravan-Ur holds his own and was able to disarm his opponent until the horror dropped, with his own eyes he saw his sister being stabbed by Volkzfire’s giant sword.

Volkzfire lifted the body still hanging on the tip of his sword over an altar and once the blood dripped on it, a hidden path opened on the floor in the middle of the room.

Confronting Volkzfire

The hatred boiling inside Ravan-Ur allowed him to mercilessly kill his unarmed opponent and quickly follow Volkzfire into the new room. Inside many praying statues were found but nothing particular of value which angered Volkzfire for wasting his time. Once Volkzfire turned to leave he was confronted with Ravan-Ur who carried a mixed look of hatred and sadness in his eyes. With an evil laugh Volkzfire decided to spend some of his time playing and torturing the foolish cat.

As the battle took place, Ravan-Ur was being tossed around and was unable to match Volkzfire’s strength with his speed and agility due to his already tired body.

A powerful blow tossed Ravan-Ur against a statue breaking it in the process with caused a small blue bottle to drop from its cracked praying hands. Ravan-Ur quickly grabbed the bottle like it was a dear memento and felt an intense warmth flowing through it.
As Volkzfire lunged at him with the sword firmly in hands, still stained with his sister blood, he laid there motionless and tightly squeezed the bottle which causes the cap to magically pop off and his whole body becomes engulf with electric energy.

With this newly found power, Ravan-Ur managed to avoid Volkzfire’s attack and using electric energy claws tried to hold his own in the fight but still was unable to match Volkzfire’s strength. Seeing his newly found hope not being enough, Ravan-Ur decided the logical plan was to retreat and heal his wounds but not before hitting the ceiling and causing the upper floor to collapse, creating a diversion and room for him to escape.

Using what looked like the rest of his new power, Ravan-Ur managed to escape the ruins and find his father hanging on to dear life just outside.
Ravan-Ur’s father said that it would be best for him to escape de village, there was nothing he could do to save anyone anymore and he was still a young boy with a lot to live for and it would be reckless to waste his life in a hopeless battle.

With tears raining down his eyes, Ravan-Ur respected his dying father’s wish and ran as fast as he could. Gazing his forest from a small plain outside of it, he saw a large dragon descending upon his village and scorching it and his village with a powerful flare.

Trying to stay strong, Ravan-Ur gripped tightly the mysterious bottle, which was now cold as ice, and ventured alone throughout the plains. Years passed and Ravan-Ur skills at surviving, savaging and fighting improved. Although food was scarce, he did his best to survive and even found shelter on a set of some abandoned ruins. Until one day he spotted a merchant cart by the road and hid inside think it would take him to a better place. After what seemed to be a day’s worth of a trip, he eventually arrived at a large city known as Giramax, a city of riches and thieves.

Life as a Street Cat

Once he took a deep look at this city, Ravan-Ur knew he would have to live his life as a thief and took the name Stealkey while trying to survive to steal as necessary as he could.

As days went by, Sealkey wondered if he would have a chance of one day avenging his village all while wondering what was this bottle he took and why was it getting warmer again. But such thoughts would have to wait because surviving on his own was his top priority.

Stealkey started hanging around one tavern where people were having too much of a good time to notice their goods and pockets being stolen.
One day Stealkey spotted this giant elephant-like person carrying a large shield and mace on his back while enjoying a nice mug of mead, next to him was what got Stealkey’s attention a large bag which would probably be filled with valuables.

Stealkey knew he would only have on opportunity to take it and so he did! With lightning-fast movements, Stealkey grabbed the bag and ran outside into the alley.

While running through the tight alleys, Stealkey tripped and hurt his ankle of a fishing wire trap that was set up. He looked up and saw 4 dark elves in black robes surround him, they told him he had been stealing around their turf and it was payback time. Stealkey tried to get up but he felt his whole body numb, apparently, the trip wire had some poison around it.

Suddenly, the elephant man appeared and ordered the dark elves to walk away. Laughing they decided to attack him but they were easily beaten and ran in fear.

The man approached Stealkey and examined his ankle. Without wasting a moment, he reached for his bag that Stealkey stole and took a jar with some cream inside and a set of bandages and fixed Stealkey’s ankle in no time.

Confused, Stealkey asked him who he was and why was he helping the man who just robbed him. With a calm voice, he said his name was Bulrwark and he was a traveling apothecary and cleric. He told Stealkey that he noticed him in the tavern but allowed him to do as he wished, he said that he noticed a different look on his eyes from the common thief, a look of sadness with a mix of bravery and kindness.

Before leaving he told Stealkey to not waste his good heart and skill on this lousy life and find an honest job, he gave him a small pouch with 100 gold coins and 2 red potions before saying goodbye and walking away. This simple and kind gestured wandered through Stealkey’s mind the next couple of days until information started spreading around the city about a very rich man arriving in the city with many bodyguards and escorting something valuable inside a safe.

The Cat Burglary

Stealkey knew this was his opportunity of scoring something big and maybe his ticket out of this city and start life anew. Gathering more information, Stealkey found the mansion where this man would be staying and decided to strike at night. Unfortunately for him, he was not the only one with this target. While exploring the mansion in the shadows, Stealkey came face to face with a black hair girl wearing a white jumpsuit with black lines and welding a katana while accompanied by a strange black wolf spirit.

She said her name was Ellah and this man and his belongings were her targets. Fearing that his goal might be taken from him, Stealkey decided to fight Ellah but was unable to land any blow on her. Seeing his hopes of winning washing away, he decided go grip his artifact bottle tightly and, just like the first time, his body became engulfed in lightning but even with this trump card, Stealkey was unable to match Ellah’s speed and skill.

Their fight eventually trigged the alarm which causes them to be surrounded by numerous bodyguards, but putting their differences aside, Ellah and Stealkey managed to work together and clear all the bodyguards while reaching the room where the rich man was. Upon reaching their target, Ellah quickly killed the rich man with one fast cut before Stealkey could react.

She then explained that this man was carrying dangerous weapon plans that would need to be destroyed. She also said she was a bounty hunter and killing this man and destroying the plans was her mission and she would have to kill Stealkey if he stood in her way.

Confused among all of this, Stealkey allowed Ellah do to her binding and walked away. Before he could leave, Ellah told him that his skills could be useful for the bounty hunter guild and that he should give it a try. Stealkey asked about the bounty hunter guild and Ellah gave him directions to the city of Rezfold where he could attempt to apply but it would not be easy. She then quickly disappeared along with her wolf and left Stealkey wondering about this offer.

As days went by, Stealkey finally made up his mind and stole a horse from one of the merchant carts and travelled to the Rezfold, thanks to the directions given by Ellah, and quickly spotted a huge building in the middle of the city.

His intuition was correct and that was the bounty hunter guild. After applying and clearing the tests, Stealkey managed to become a mid-rank bounty hunter and went on to find an honest job in life.

Among his missions as a bounty hunter, Stealkey learns the use of ranged weapons by picking up crossbow lessons, since for him the bow was too hard to learn, and meets a fellow bounty hunter, a shapeshifter lizard girl called Rhyza, whom he grows fond of, and, when not on missions, Stealkey is busy exploring lands, dungeons, searching for trinkets and searching for information regarding his mysterious bottle.

All this without knowing that the girl who gave him this opportunity was, in fact, the lost and forgotten daughter of General Volkzfire… Ellah Volkzfire.

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