Fun with Zombies – Bob Ross Zombie for Dungeons and Dragons

Fun with Zombies? Um, okay Dungeon Masters, let’s dip into our creativity pool. What is a funny, crazy, bizarre or silly adventure idea that you can think of for a Zombie Monster in your Dungeons & Dragons™ game? I’ll get us started, here is an idea I had: Bob Ross, Zombie Painter.

A local art gallery has reported quite a few missing persons over the past month. The gallery is home to an unknown artist who’s work is being celebrated in the city as being an amazing talent. His artwork is beginning to sell for a ton of gold.

Upon visiting the gallery, the adventurers will see a few of his masterpieces. Brilliant. But, that red brush strokes on one of the paintings looks like dried blood. The owner does not claim to see have seen the artist for a while, but will randomly receive paintings.

Actually, the artist died a few months ago and turned undead. This “zombie painter” is currently locked in the basement of the art gallery and is being held in a room behind a secret door. “Bob” was actually able to retain its artistic talents after turning to the undead, but now paints with the addition of blood and brains from victims that the owner brings down to feed it.

At feeding time, Dead-a-tello inspired Bob Ross Zombie bites into the victims at the correct angle to add that extra artistic splatter across the canvas. The owner is profiting off of the zombie’s masterpieces and the missing persons were inspiration, food, and now also zombies in another nearby area.

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Fun with Zombies in Dungeons & Dragons

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