Today we create and level up a Mountain Dwarf Shadow Sorcerer from D&D 5E Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. We will discuss the thought process and step-by-step guide to creating Ulfgar Brazzik, the battle ax-wielding sorcerer. If you like this type of video, please leave a comment and let me know what type of character you would like to see next!

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Ulfgar Brazzik – Mountain Dwarf – Shadow Sorcerer

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Character Backstory

A member of the Dwarven Army in the Frozen North of Terra’Rosa, Ulfgar was an infantry soldier and a well-respected member of the Brazzik clan. His military squad consisted of himself, his two older brothers and his best friend. On a fateful day, his squad was ambushed by Bugbears and Ulfgar, caught by surprise, was the first to die at the hands of the enemy. His soul immediately ascended to the Shadowfell as the Raven Queen took particular interest in the Mountain Dwarf who’s inner soul boiled with an untapped source of arcane energy.

The Raven Queen made a deal with Ulfgar Brazzik. She would return him to his life so he could save his friends, but he would forever be in her debt. Ulfgar agreed to the deal and was returned to the battle. It was here that his Shadow Sorcerer powers were unlocked. Ulfgar boiled to a rage and arcane power shot through his fingertips and choked the life out of two of the bugbears. With this eruption of power, Ulfgar’s beard and hair turned a dark charcoal black and the mists of shadows continually poured from it. His skin became pale with a small hue of violet and his eyes glowed with an intense, radiant purple energy. The remaining enemies ran in fear and the Dwarven military squad was saved.

Despite the changes in his physical appearance, the Dwarven clan of the Frozen North welcomed their military soldiers back as heroes, but it wasn’t long before Ulfgar had to depart in service of the Raven Queen. Once a year, Ulfgar tries to make it back to his homeland to spend time with friends and family. Plus, they have the best Dwarven Stout in all of Terra’Rosa.

In between tasks, the Raven Queen instructs Ulfgar to continue on with his life and master his newfound arcane abilities. However, there will be several times that she will call upon him to complete a task for her. Most tasks are simply to guard the dying and ensure that their natural course of death is finished without interference. The Raven Queen is interested in this soul and their destiny with death must not be altered. On rare occasions, Ulfgar is called upon to watch over a life or to help a soul survive. The Shadow Queen believes that it is not yet their time. The Shadow Queen may also call upon Ulfgar to provide security and watch over funerals to ensure that ceremonies and rituals are uninterrupted.

When standing next to a dying life that the Raven Queen will soon bring to the Shadowfell, she will speak to Ulfgar and have him deliver a message to the doomed:

β€œFear not death, my friend, for the Raven Queen is glad to meet you on the other side.”

Ulfgar has seen a lot of death and as a servant of the Raven Queen, he holds no pity on those who suffer and die for he knows that death is the natural end of life. Despite his knowledge and experience with death, Ulfgar still enjoys life which is reflective in his positive tones.

Recently, Ulfgar was called upon for more than to protect the dying and the dead. The Raven Queen has noticed that Ulfgar’s power as a Shadow Sorcerer has intensified, solidifying her decision to bring him into her service. It was finally time to elevate his duties and she called upon Ulfgar to assist three other members to take out an uprising young cult of Orcus.

After three months of service, the cult was eradicated and Ulfgar parted ways with his Shadowfell comrades. He made his way to the nearby town of Hart’s End to have a well-deserved drink.


    1. As Liam stated before… Ulfgar can wear Scale mail so AC 14 plus a DEX modifier of +1 will give him a 15 AC. Thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

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