Cura, goddess of Health and Healing

Cura, goddess of Health and Healing is a neutral good deity in the Ambervain pantheon. Her holy symbol is a snake coiled around a vial of red liquid. Cura appears as a human woman with dusky skin and long black hair. Her vibrant red eyes bubble as if they were a boiling red liquid. Her muscle tone is defined and fit.

Through prayer, Cura will occasionally provide her followers and guide them to food or healthy food options. An examples of a sign that Cura has heard and answered a prayer are a fruit tree being brought to bloom, whether or not it is the season for the tree to be fruitful. Another example could be the availability of fish in a pond that did not previously contain them. Cura will answer those closest to her by providing healthy options. Some say that she has even sent down fruits and nuts that would help cure one of disease, poisons, or mental illnesses.

Cura will also look out for good souls that may not be followers of her, but do provide aid to others. On rare occasions it has been said that she will whisper to those with the power to cure wounds to heal those that she deems deserving.

In addition to the Church of the Welcomed, a temple to Cura has also been established in Itoria City.

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