Poets Quill – Uncommon Magic Item

Poet’s QuillD&D Strixhaven Magic Item Poet's Quill

uncommon, wondrous item (Requires attunement by a bard or wizard)

Based on the class of the attuned creature gains the following:

Bard’s Words: During a short rest, you can create a Inspiration Scroll. This is a spell-scroll version of your Bardic Inspiration feature and functions similarly. It takes a bonus action to read, grants your bardic inspiration die to the reader, and the reader doesn’t need to be in the normal 60ft range.

Trusty Pen: Your transcribing time for adding spells to your spellbook, or crafting spell scrolls, is halved. Regardless of class, proficiency bonus times per long rest, when you deal damage to a single target spell using a spell slot, you can gain temporary HP equal to half the damage dealt.

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