Dr. Feargood’s Wellness Shop

Dr. Feargoods Wellness Shop is a medical office in the town of Ambervain.

The Ambervain Doctor is always available, no matter what time of day. His sign on the door always reads the Dr. Feargood is in, except on All-Hallow’s Eve when the doctor makes house calls for no coin but your fear.

Dr. Feargood is a pleasant man, his age appears up for debate since all see him differently to put his patients at ease. Payment is due either with coin or the unpleasant charge of your greatest fear, come to life before your eyes. No matter which payment, the restorative powers of Dr. Feargood are legendary and all are better than when they arrived. All have a chance to draw from the trick or treat bag before leaving. Those that do will leave with either a boon or a curse. One in twenty will have nightmares for a week or so. All leave with a shivery sweat and fast-beating heart that subsides after they leave his establishment.

Submitted by Dr. Feargood from the Wally DM Discord

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