Aggie’s Apothecary – Herbs and Pastes

Aggie’s Apothecary is an herb shop owned by Aggie Mandrake and is located in the city of Ambervain.

“Hey you! Do you want get rid of your animal companions strange wet dog smell? Would you like to give only the best feed care for your noble steed? Don’t turn a blind eye towards your most loyal of companions! Come to Aggie’s Apothecary! Where any and all of your animal’s needs are met!”

DESCRIPTION: This building is pretty rough looking. It is built from long slabs of wood and wooden shingles that give the building the resemblance of a shack. The wood has been bleached light grey over years of sun and exposure to the elements. The walls slope gently, as the one and a half story building sags into an overgrown herbal garden. The garden itself is a chaos of insect life. Bees, wasps, butterflies and other winged insects buzz between the messy rows of herbs. Flowers of pale yellows and purples release clashing aromas along with the rows of mint and rosemary.

Unlike the chaos outside of the building, the inside of the building is very dark and shockingly clean, the floor is swept and the shop is free of any sort of clutter. The only light that is present comes in from the outside pushing through the untamed bushes of plant life that line both sides of the window. The speckled light reveals baskets of dried herbs on the floor. Each basket about waist high, woven from the thick reeds that are found by the river side.

Also present are bundled herbs that are hung right above each of the baskets perfectly lined up with each basket. Each basket sits within a shallow wide wooden box that is nailed to the floor. The baskets are organized into four central rows two in the left hand of the building and two on the right side and a single row that lines the walls of the interior of the building. Each basket has a paper label listing the price, though some are so old and worn the prices are barely visible.

Beyond these baskets there is little other furniture. There is a rocking chair in one corner near a stair case with handrails. The nook under the stair case has a large butcher block table with a series of tools lined very neatly in the back. There is also a large hearth in the center of the room with a hot bed of embers below a bubbling pot.

OWNER: The owner of this establishment is a 500 year old Elvish woman with a timeless face by the name of Aggie Mandrake. Age has not seemed to weaken her much over the years. She has light grey black hair, braided in a long plait, not a hair out of place. She wears a light grey long sleeved dress and a crisp white apron. That contract nicely with her skin. But she stands up straight and tall. Her eyes are misty, unfocused and unseeing.

GOODS: While adventurers can pick up herbalism kits, seeds and planting tools at Aggie’s Apothecary, it is rumored that the Elven herbalist may also have access to rarer herbs. For instance, Hound’s Bane: a poultice that you can put on any creature that would hide your scent with a repulsive smell. Repelling creatures that rely on smell.

Aloe and Mint Leaf Poultice: When applied to the body of any creature it gains resistance to fire damage for 30 minutes. Be careful not to get it into your eyes! (20 gold)

Chiax Seed Powder: a fine black powder that can be put into any liquid. Upon mixing it will become a soft gelatin that can be consumed. Sweet in taste it will grant advantage for any poison saving throw. Effects last for 4 hours. (30 gold)

Sage and Rosemary Repellent: This small tightly bundled of herbs can be burned to release a thick smoke. When lit it will slowly smolder for 3 hours, during this time undead creatures will take an extra 1d4 damage every round that they are within 10 feet of the bearer of the smoking bundle. (100 gold)

Lavender Rue: This is a small bag of dried flowers and leaves. If you crush them in your hand and toss it into the air a thick aroma will be released this will calm any wild animal that is acting hostile to you if it has not already been attacked by the party. (50 gold)

Bergamot Paste: A thick green paste that can be applied to the body like a lotion. Once applied the creature wearing it will get resistance to poison damage for the next 6 hours. (60 gold)

Zatar Paste: A waxy pale green paste that when applied will erase ANY odor permanently. The amount given can cover up to 5 square feet. (10 gold)

Organically Grown Herbal Feed: A mix of different herbs that can be fed to a steed to give it doubled speed until it’s next short rest. (100 gold)

Aggie’s Apothecary is a homebrew D&D shop submitted by Canyon Crawler from the Wally DM Discord

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