Celestial Scents – Candle & Wax Shop

Celestial Scents is a wax and candle novelty shop found on Canyon street in the city of Ambervain. Celestial Scent is run by two Firbolgs: Ooma and Aiden

DESCRIPTION: Celestial Scents is a single story thatched roof building. It’s walls are made of the classic wattle and daub style painted white. Inside, the first room is the shop. Claustrophobically packed with large wooden shelves, it smells mainly of cedar and sandalwood. The wooden floorboards are not perfectly straight anymore. There is a slight warping, causing for small dips and inclines in the floorboards. The inside is fairly dim with only the sunlight from outside and a few hanging lights illuminating the interior.

SHOPKEEPERS / OWNERS: “Ooma” is actually a nick name Aiden made up when he was still a child. Ooma is an older Firbolg woman in her late 80’s. She has long gray hair pulled up in a loosely woven bun. She has a pair of small glasses perched on her nose. And has an air of relaxed amusement. She is very patient unless you try to learn one of the many secret family recipes for her magical candles.

Aiden is a young Firbolg, still in his early 20s and is rather confrontational. He is larger than Ooma and has long strawberry blonde hair tied back in a long braid. He has a lot of pride in his family business and is the main salesman of the store. While a little prickly at first he tends to warm up to return customers.

GOODS: This shop presents a huge assortment of candles within. Organized in a chaotic and eclectic assortment. Their sizes range from the smallest tea light candles barely larger than two gold coins stacked and the largest being a behemoth “7 day” candle carved into a 2 foot tall Alamira figurine.

Taper candles of a rainbow of colors hang from the rafters. While a glass case of black votive candles sit locked up behind a large metal lock. There is a solid looking door in the back and a small staircase along the left wall delving in to a slightly damp cellar filled with an assortment of tools and a brightly lit hearth. Huge blocks of pale wax sit on a table while large cauldrons of hot wax sit near the fire. The far wall has a floor to ceiling shelf filled with colored powders and more.

Candles. All normal candles (any chosen color or type) are priced by the amount of time that they stay lit.
1 minute candles: Box of 10 candles… 1cp
30 minute candles: Two Pack… 1cp
1 hour candles: 1cp each

Enchanted Candles
Candle of darkness… 150gp
Large 7 day candle of Alamira… 500gp
Vortice candles (enchanted with magic hut)… 190gp each

Celestial Scents is a homebrew D&D shop submitted by Canyon Crawler from the Wally DM Discord

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