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Our first look at a #puzzle from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything! The new #dnd 5E book will feature 13 puzzles. In today’s puzzle, our adventurers are on their way for an appointment with the famous weaponsmith, Kleg Firedraw, noteworthy for his use of strange and rare materials in his metalworking. Entering the darkened weaponsmith’s workshop, they notice that the place is dark and in disarray with several interesting daggers strewn about. Kleg’s Kleg’s famous sword, Soulkeeper, remains on its mount, which stands with a suit of armor next to a desk at the far end of the room. We must find and solve a cryptic message in a unique way in order to free Kleg from the sanctuary of the sword.

Be sure to pick up Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything for 13 new puzzles for your D&D or Pathfinder game. This 2020 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons™ book features: Expanded subclasses, more character options, group patrons, spells, artifacts, tattoos, expanded rules and of course, thirteen puzzles for DMs to drop into their game.

Download the FREE PDF of the Display of Daggers Puzzle complete with handouts for your players.

Display of Daggers Puzzle Video

Watch the video here on YouTube for a FULL DEMONSTRATION on how the puzzle works. Video will be published on Wednesday, October 28th, 8am CST on the Wally DM YouTube channel.

Wally DMs review notes on the Display of Daggers Puzzle

  • At its core, I love the Cipher puzzle. Having the display of replicas on the wall as the “key” to the cipher code was fun
  • This seems to be a fairly difficult puzzle for a DM to run. As a DM, you will need to be sure you have studied this encounter well before presenting to your players
  • Soulkeeper is a neat-o weapon / magic item. This inspires me to create similar magic items in the future for my players
  • I’d have Kleg be visible within the sword. So the players can easily figure out what is going on.
  • Make the puzzle easier by simply putting the Swords, Daggers and the Code in a separate location. Remove the detective work needed to find out what happened and use the core puzzle by itself
    I would recommend a very interactive bird, “Echo”, being able to fly about and provide hints if the party gets stuck.
  • Offer a reward. Perhaps the characters can come back later for an Adamantine weapon?

Overall grade of this puzzle? I would recommend running it and it gets me excited to see what else awaits in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. I give it a solid “B+”. The only downpoint, in my opinion, is there is so much going on at once that it can be confusing for newer DMs to run. Although advanced Dungeon Masterss™ should have no trouble at all running this puzzle in their game. This will be a fun encounter and can lead to important quests or items after Kleg is returned to his body.

Miniatures in the video

The Birdcage and the two tall candlesticks were part of WizKids D&D Icons of The Realms: Waterdeep: Dungeon of The Mad Mage – Halasters Lab Premium Set.

Hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to let me know how you would use this Puzzle in your #Pathfinder or #DnD Game!

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