Echo Knight Build – D&D 5E Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount

Hello there adventurers! Today we take a look at an Echo Knight Fighter, a D&D 5th Edition subclass that you can find in the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont. This character build is 5th Edition legal and should meet the requirements of Adventurer’s League as long as Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont is approved for the adventure. Be sure to check with your playgroup or Dungeon Master before bringing this build to an Adventurer’s League game.

Echo Knight Character Build

Our character today, Grey, will be created using the standard array for ability scores (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) and using the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont along with the Player’s Handbook. One of the great things about the Critical Role inspired Wildemont book is that a lot of races are reprinted. This includes the Genasi. In fact, our Echo Knight build will be using the stats for the Earth Genasi to help us with the Constitution and Strength modifiers.

The backstory for Grey will include references to Wildemont but could easily be adapted to whatever campaign setting that you are playing in.

Backstory of the Echo Knight Fighter

An outlander in the Vermaloc Wildwood, Grey, an Earth Genasi was content with life in their single hut and living off the land. A few months ago, however, Grey began to have vivid dreams and visions of a small village being burnt to the ground and innocent humanoids lives being taken. The visions seemed to focus on a particular family of dark elves and they could see the faces of these Drow much clearer than any part of the vision. The episode always ended with a bright soothing light emanating from a beacon in the shape of a dodecahedron (a 12 sided three-dimensional item with each side in the shape of a pentagram).

One evening, while out patrolling their area, Grey stumbled upon a scene that entailed three drow elves trying frantically to free a younger dark elf from the web of a spider. Traveling down its intricate web, a giant spider prepared to drive the three away from it’s future meal. Grey had a momentary inner-struggle to let them fend for themselves, but upon further study realized that this group of dark elves was the same as the family in their vision. Grey lept into battle, helped fight off the spider and helped free the young dark-skinned elf. Grey noticed that each traveler was wearing a dodecahedron amulet around their neck. The same one that was in their visions. The dark elves invited Grey to join them, and they accepted. Along the journey the elves told tales of the Kryn Dynasty and that the dodecahedron amulets represented the bright light of their deity, “The Luxon”.

Grey became fascinated with The Luxon and joined the Kryn Dynasty. They quickly learned of Dunamis, a magical energy that manipulates gravity, time and reality, and enhanced their knowledge of combat to focus on its powers. Grey enlists as one of the protectors of this small village but also acknowledges that they may have to adventure forth to continue learning and gather information, weapons and allies.

Character Sheets for the Echo Knight

Download D&D Character PDF for Grey the Earth Genasi – Echo Knight Fighter Build.
PDF Character Sheets:

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