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Today we build a Glamour Bard using Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. In our YouTube Character Creation video, we will introduce Hohner, Hogwallop, a polite 60 year old Half-Elf that can jam some tunes on a fiddle, mandolin, harmonica or dulcimer. We will create our Level 1 Glamour Bard character and then level him up through 10th level. Along the way, we will stop and discuss Bard abilities and the College of Glamour abilities that are acquired at each level. If you like this type of video, please leave a comment and let me know what type of character you would like to see next!

For those of you that play D&D 5E Adventurers League this is a legal character to use in that format. I will also include a written backstory, so be sure to scroll down to get the scoop on Hohner Hogwallop!

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Hohner Hogwallop – Half Elf – Glamour Bard

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PDF Character Sheets:

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything – Glamour Bard – Character Creation Video

Watch the character build for the Glamour Bard


In his early half-elven twenties, Hohner Hogwallop and his two human brothers Aarbauch and Glaukos created a successful three-piece band. Inspirationally, we draw from the history of the SouthEastern United States, Appalachian Folk music and culture. The “Foggy Bottom Boys” were successful to the point that they were selling out large theaters and being recognized wherever they would go. After about eight years of touring, fame, fortune, and coin, Hohner decided that he wanted to get away from the crowds and step away from the limelight. After the band split, Aarbauch started a family and settled down while his brother Glaukos found another band to jam with continued the lifestyle of booze and fame. Hohner began to travel finding solace in sparsely populated areas and the wilderness. When he did visit towns and villages he would commonly disguise his appearance to keep from being recognized.

For the next 20 years of his life, Hohner lived in solitude and eventually found a friend in a Dyrad by the name of Nyzali. Hohner became a student of Nyzali and she taught him how to entwine Fey magic into his music. Every thirty days or so, Hohner would visit Nyzali, staying for about a week or so, and then pick up his travels for another round of travels.

Tragically, on a return visit to see his Dryad friend, he found her tree had been destroyed and she was gone. Nearby fey creatures explained to Hohner that an evil Satyr had chopped down Nyzali’s tree needing the magic encased within to create a magical mandolin. They believe that the ritual used to shave the bark and gather the wood for the instrument also captured a piece of the dryad’s soul.

It is at this time that Hohner becomes an adventuring Bard. His destiny now lies before him. He will find this Satyr and should the opportunity present itself, enact his revenge. He also seeks this magical mandolin as it contains within it all that is left of his dear friend.

One more note. Nyzali was teaching Hohner the “Song of the Dryads”. A very difficult song to learn on the mandolin. Hohner had learned about half of the song before tragically losing Nyzali. He also seeks someone or something that can help him learn the second half of the “Song of the Dryads”. He will commonly play this song in remembrance. Of course, he stops the song abruptly halfway through because that is the only part that he knows.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the video!

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