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D&D Puzzles – D&D Trap and Puzzle Ideas

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DOWNLOAD the PDF of the Door of Shadows Puzzle and the Corridor of Lava Rocks on DriveThruRPG. It is Pay What You Want, but if contribute at least $0.25, I will get credit towards the first award for this resource and that would mean a lot to me and the channel ! 🙂
Free D&D Puzzle Download – PDF

Stay tuned for Wally DMs Journal of Puzzle Encounters due out in May 2020!

60 D&D Puzzle Ideas!

Over 60 D&D Puzzles for your game! Each puzzle gives a full demonstration of how it works and links to handouts if needed. Get started now, click the link below and soak up the fantastic ideas to include puzzles in your Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or Fantasy RPG game!

D&D Puzzle Ideas

Door of the Lucky

Wally DM celebrates its 4th year of #DnD Puzzle videos with this sequel to the Puzzle Video #2 – Door of the Unlucky. Today, our adventurers encounter the Door of the Lucky and must figure out how to unlock the 3 bolts sealing the door. Are they feeling lucky? I hope you enjoy this Lock and Key puzzle that can fuel any adventure!

Our adventurers are undergoing trials to gain the support of a faction or Mad Wizard. The first two levels will test the players knowledge and their characters resolve in Crossed Words!

The Hag’s Doll

On their way to track down an evil NPC, the adventuring party must meet with an old hag to find out the whereabouts. In exchange for the information, Granny Ethel Knucklebones insists that they retrieve her grand-daughters doll that was stolen by an NPC party days ago. Our characters find the doll in the grasp of the slaughtered NPCs, but also realize that this doll fits perfectly into the arms of an interesting display of children. Does the party complete the puzzle or… return the doll to the old hag?

The Door of Shadows

The adventurers have found an upright door in the middle of a dark dungeon room. They may walk around it, through it, or go over it and nothing happens. Further exploration might be needed as they need to find some type of contraption to activate the door of shadows!

Gygax’s Banquet

Today’s puzzle is a simple nod to the history of D&D. In particular, it will involve Class Level Titles from AD&D 1st Edition. The Wizard “Gygax” has summoned up-and-coming adventuring groups to join him for a banquet dinner. Gygax plans on having the different groups compete against one another in a competition such as a maze, trials or gauntlet. What better way to begin than with a puzzle at the dinner table?

While the repercussions for solving the puzzle incorrectly are at a bare minimum if the PCs identify their seat at the table with the equivalent 1st Edition level title, they could be rewarded with advantage on rolls, inside knowledge, inspiration, or simply a fantastic feast meal.

To Download the TABLE used in this video visit here:

The Chamber of Tymora

Our adventurers are exploring an abandoned, underground casino that has remnants of worship to the goddess Tymora. In order to access a hidden chamber, obtain an item or receive a blessing of good luck, four cards must be drawn from a deck of 52 cards. It might be best if our PCs scour the dungeon for clues before choosing the wrong cards, or the results could be disastrous! Are your players “lucky” enough to solve the Chamber of Tymora?

Here is the link to so you can print out the dice, the clock, the coin, the ring and the note:


Three Card Draw

The players must fulfill the requirements of a Playing Card logic puzzle by feeding three cards into an eternal flame. Should they fail, cards will fly into the air and smash the characters with bolts of lightning and electricity, but if they solve the puzzle, they will fill the luck of the cards. Can your players succeed in Three Card Draw?

Room of Deja Vu