Pie Lady – Puzzle Ideas for D&D and Pathfinder

Today our adventurers are at a festival and seek out the legendary pomegranate pie made by local baker, Elaine. However, when they find Elaine’s stand at the festival the last piece of pie has already been sold. No worries, she promises to send a fresh baked pie to the Inn they are staying at. A few hours later, the pie is there, as promised along with an encrypted container holding a secret item or message. Perhaps there is a message on how to open the container hidden within her hand written message to the party? A solid #puzzle or quest idea for your #dnd or #pathfinder game!

The miniatures in this game? Pick up Elaine: (Pathfinder Rusty Dragon Inn Serving Girl #6)
The Loxodon is part of the Ravnica Set, you can find it here: WizKids D&D Icons of The Realms: Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica Companion Starter One, Set

Here is the image of the Handwritten scroll from the baker, Elaine so you can print it out or share it with your players in your game.

Pie Lady Puzzle Video

Watch the video here on YouTube for a FULL DEMONSTRATION on how the puzzle works.

Hope you enjoyed this video! Be sure to let me know how you would use this Puzzle in your #Pathfinder or #DnD Game!

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