RPG Location – Twin Cities


Ruled by King Ithor III. The original Kingdom was established by his grandfather, Lord Ithor, over about 60 years ago. King Ithor III rules single handily alongside his bride, Ayla. He has two sons, Zark and Varis, both who are young, successful adventurers, and one daughter, Orym, a cleric. Orym is the oldest of the three and also a successful adventurer. King Ithor III is a fair ruler and the majority of the population live in harmony.

The Kingdom of Ithor prides itself on their blacksmiths and are well known for their ability to find and bend steel. A clan or two of Dwarven kind of established communities in the Kingdom of Ithor and are well respected amongst the majority of the human population for their blacksmithing capabilities.

The kingdom has an abundance of mines in which they retrieve Iron. In fact, steel and iron-based products are the main export of the kingdom as it trades frequently with other kingdoms in exchange for other goods such as grains and livestock. Itorian weapons are well made and sought after by skilled adventurers and soldiers.

While it is a smaller kingdom, the Kingdom of Ithor has a large standing military. Itorian soldiers are exceptionally well trained, heavily armored, and well-equipped with the best weapons in the lands. A punishing force to be reckoned with. Many of the neighboring kingdoms will seek out an alliance with theis military kingdom and those that are aligned, will do everything they can to keep the relationship a good one.

The Twin Cities

Twin Cities- Puente and Nahar. On either side of River 3. Known for their beer and festivals.
Population of about 10,00 people each. Near Dorwin.
River 3- divides the Mishor Plains from the Small East Forest

If you have ever heisted up a growler of delicious stout or a pint of hoppy ale there is a good chance that the delicious beverage may have originated in the Twin Cities. While the small towns of Puente and Nahar might be separated by the River 3, their leadership and inhabitants of the two communities are not. Connected by a long, stone bridge across the River 3, these two communities share resources, jobs, military, and interests. Known for their Festivals and Beer, The Twin Cities has become somewhat of a traveler’s destination for those that enjoy good brews and celebratory atmospheres. Several large storage bins can be found in both cities that store their most important resource, fresh, clean water. There are even rumours that some of the water storage bins are secretly concealed by large illuions or hidden underground in case of emergency. While the town of Puente provides some skilled archers and the town of Nahar provides a decent volunteer force of spear-wielding foot soldiers, it is highly common for the Twin Cities to hire adventurers to attend to mysterious, magic, or monster related threats. With the abundance of beer tastings and festivals taking place year-long, adventurers are usually abundant visitors within the cities.

A few rumors of the Twin Cities include:

  • An artifact that provides the wearer with lifelong good health and resistances is hidden away and protected within the city.
  • An exiled alchemist is said to be hiding out in the Twin Cities. Some of the potions he created were twisted and powerful
  • Tales of exotic brews that provide magical effects can be found amongst the thousands of different beers in the cities


The town of Puente rests on the west side of the River. It’s 10,000 inhabitants reside in sturdy wooden structures created from the timber in the Small East Forest. The town itself is surrounded by a multitude of farmland where farmers and workers tend to fields of hops and barley, the key resource to the cities’ most important product, beer. Downtown Puente is lined with merchant shops of all types, but the most interesting aspect is the town square of breweries. This box-shaped alignment gives townsfolk, tourists, and adventurers a plethora of different brews and beers to choose from. in the middle of the town square is a large open park that is used for gatherings and festivals. This area of Puente is alive with action 20 hours a day and is always festive. In addition to farmers, merchants, and brewers, Puente has a decent sized, trained military composed of archers. The perimeter of the town and farmland have towers and partial walls built where archers stand in defense of their beloved community. The mayor of the town of Puente is currently a Dwarven Bard named Guiness, Maltbeard.


The town of Nahar, resides along the east side of the river and nestled within the Small East Forest. The town comprises primarily of loggers, hunters, and soldiers. In comparison to Puente, Nahar would most definitely be considered the quiet more relaxed community of the Twin Cities. The residents of Nahar put in a hard days work tending to the forest, hunting for meats, fishing in the river or training in hand to hand combat to help feed and defend the Twin Cities. There is a handful of merchants in Nahar, but their shops are hard to find and blend in with the trees and homes built into the edge of the forest. A map or proper direction will certainly be needed to find these merchants. Rumour has it that a famous alchemist has a shop hidden away amongst the commoners of the town. Not as much is known about the mayor of Nahar. Lamryn Aeran is a bit mysterious but beloved in her small town.

Festivals in the Twin Cities

Festival of the River Lord
This monthly festival pays tribute to the protector of the river, Hydrox the Water Elemental. Once a month, the mages of the Twin Cities will summon Hydrox to pay tribute. This friendly water elemental aids the Twin Cities by filtering and redirecting a portion of the water from the river into the city reservoirs to provide drinking water and fresh water for brewing beer. The Twin Cities may also summon Hydrox in times of danger to the communities or the River 3.

Festival of a Thousand Brews
This annual festival has the brewmasters of Puente and Nahar putting their best brews on display. Dwarves and Beer enthusiasts from distant lands never miss the festival of all festivals and the Twin Cities will be flooded with visitors from all ends of the world.

Festival of the Hop Harvest
The fertile grounds of the Mishor Plains provides an abundance of hops, the most important ingredient of beer brewed in the Twin Cities. This annual, week-long celebration to celebrate healthy harvest results in lavish feasts, brewing, and perhaps some over-consumption of malty beverages.