The Golden Stirge D&D Podcast Episode 1 – Tips for Interesting Combat

I am inexperienced with LIVE streaming and have never hosted a round table chat or discussion before. With that being said, Can I create a D&D Podcast? Well… You can certainly try…

Welcome adventurers to The Golden Stirge Inn. Site of our very first D&D Podcast! You can find the audio on SoundCloud and the Video version on YouTube. Links to both can be found below.

IN Episode 1 we are joined by Immortal Origins, Jovar, and Tanis. These three weary adventurers have joined host Wally D for a drink at the Golden Stirge Inn for stories, tales, advice and discussions on a variety of D&D topics!

1) 126 – Why do we play Dungeons and Dragons?
2) 115 – What do you guys do when all your party members can’t make it to game night?
3) 151 – What is your favorite Magic Item? Tell us a story on how you used it in a game?
4) 159 – Tell me a story about your favorite Puzzle Encounter
5) 142 – Tips for Interesting Combat as a Player or DM?
6) 123 – What is a good way to introduce a new Player Character into your game?
9) 124 – How important is it to include a characters backstory into a campaign?
10) 145 – Is a character’s backstory “Free Game” for the DM to use in a campaign

If you would like to stream or download the Audio Podcast you can find it here:

The Golden Stirge D&D Podcast – Episode 1

Or, for the original YouTube streamed version:

The Golden Stirge D&D Podcast on YouTube

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Thank you for watching and… on to the next!

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