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High above the quiet little town in the valley and nestled into the side of a snowy mountain peak lays the Malt Raven Brewery. The windy trail leading up to this infamous tavern can be a treacherous journey if the weather turns, but otherwise, it is fairly accessible. There is a front porch that protrudes from the main entrance of the cabin-like tavern with a wooden sculpture of an Owlbear standing guard on the left side of the entryway. Several Ravens will be perched along the railing and are seen in unsettling numbers perching on the tavern’s sign, the roof of the lodge, in the surrounding trees or flying above.

Download the Malt Raven Brewery PDF

A five-page Inn with history, details, oddities, special effects, food, and drinks that you can use for your D&D, Pathfinder or RPG game! Hope you enjoy it!

The Malt Raven Brewery PDF

Future improvements for this PDF hope to include
1) Details about other Rooms in the Inn
2) Details about NPCs found at the Inn
3) A Map of the Inn
4) More Images to include in the PDF

If you can help with any of these, please leave a comment below!

Creating the Malt Raven Brewery

Would you like to see the creation process? Here is our Live Stream video that brought The Malt Raven Brewery to life!

The Malt Raven Brewery is a Tavern/Inn that you can use in your D&D or Pathfinder Game created using the Random Tables found in LoreSmyth’s Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks and the creative minds of Wally DM YouTube Subscribers: Saevrick, Brian Anderson, FlyingAxblade, Nosivire, Bromos Sunstar Ranger, T Squared, Charles Gnarkley, kitri6, WalkingVirusGaming and Wally D.

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