Eradon, Blue Dragon Sorcerer – Backstory

A few months ago, Eradon was a skilled young merchant following in his Human father’s footsteps as a respected tailor in the merchant state of Kepling. The father and son team of Elliott and Eradon earned a great deal of respect from nobles and other customers that relied on their handiwork to look their best. Elliot’s Tailor Shop was a successful business that provided a healthy income for the humble duo.

Eradon is a charismatic young lad that has an unbelievable talent for creating and mending clothing. Cloaks in particular. In fact, Eradon has somewhat of a fascination with cloaks and is always donning cloth of high fashion.

On the night of his 20th birthday, Elliott took his son out for drinks to celebrate. A few Elven Pale Ales later, they were walking back from the tavern as a thunderstorm began to roll in. In order to try and avoid the upcoming downpour, they took a shortcut through a dark alley and were surprised by a trio of bandits. Elliott was knocked over the head and unconscious as one of the bandits began to rummage through his belongings. One of the two remaining scoundrels held Eradon while the other continued to throw punches into the young half-elf’s ribcage. After a few moments of punishment, Eradon felt a storm raging from within. At this point, the sky blackened, the wind picked up and the sky erupted with an explosive crack of thunder and lightning. Eradon felt an electric surge pulsing through his soul as his hands radiated with electric current. Eradon freed one of his arms and thrust his hand into the throat of one of the criminals letting loose a shocking pulse of electricity that seemed to fry the cranium of the attacker, dropping him to his knees in the muddy pathway. Seeing the skull of their buddy light up in the dark night, the remaining two bandits grabbed their cohort and scurried off into the darkness. As he catches his breath, Eradon hears an internal Draconic voice commending him on his survival instincts and the power he harnessed. “Excellent, young sorcerer. Feel my blood coursing through your veins and embrace the power of the Storm that I had bestowed upon you

Shaken by the turn of events, Eradon took a moment to gather his bearings and then helped his father to his feet. He used his cloak to protect the old man from the torrential downpour and finished the journey back to their residence above the tailor shop. When Eradon awoke the next day he looked at his reflection in the mirror and was horrified to see that the soft skin tones of his arms, neck, and chest have been replaced with a thin sheen of blue, dragon-like scales. His once vibrant blonde hair is now an electric white that crackles occasionally with a twinge of blue electricity. The back of Eradon’s hands were also covered in the blue dragon scales. Flipping his hands over to investigate his palms, he witnessed a small sizzle of an electric blue current traveling across his fingertips.

Eradon went immediately to his father, who’s solemn reaction was a bit surprising. Elliot explains to his arcane enhanced son that his Elven mother was lost shortly after his birth in the war known as “The Conflict”. A civil war that ended 20 years ago. He then brings out an aged wooden box and retrieves from it an exquisite cloak highlighted in shades of blues and greys. However, there was a small tear on the left side of the garment. Eradon, almost instinctively, touches the cloak and utters the Draconic word “Vokren“. His hand transfers a current into the relic, repairing the tear instantaneously. As Eradon dons the cloak, a perfect fit on his slender frame, his father tells him that his destiny is not at the tailor shop but elsewhere.

With that, Eradon sets off to Hearst to explore the limits of the arcane storm brewing from within and possibly unravel the mystery behind his unknown destiny.

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