D&D Sacrifice Domain Cleric Build 5E – DMs Guild Mr. Tarrasque & JVC Parry

Hello there adventurers! Today we are going to do a character build for JVC Parry and Mr. Tarrasque’s Sacrifice Domain Character Class for 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons®. Today we create a Half-Orc Cleric of Torm that has the ability to use his hit points to add extra damage to melee attacks or increase the effects of cure spells for his allies.
If you would like to purchase the PDF of the Sacrifice Domain, I highly encourage you to do so.

Ever since adventurers have spread their wings over the corners of the known world, people from all walks of life have sought the company of clerics for guidance, protection, wisdom, and even sanctuary. Even today, priests are among the most respected members of society.

However, few of these holy servants are as dedicated to their deity as those who walk the path of sacrifice. Often such individuals have faced death before and have nothing left to live for, or simply believe in a higher power so passionately that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good… or evil. Such clerics are gifted powers that are intensely powerful but come with grim consequences. Their life expectancy is short, and they don’t mind.

D&D 5E Sacrifice Domain Cleric – DMs Guild Mr. Tarrasque & JVC Parry

Please keep in mind that this is not an official Dungeons and Dragons® character class. It is considered to be homebrew content. With this in mind, I highly encourage you to have a discussion with your Dungeon Master prior to bringing this or a similar character to the table.

Sacrifice Domain Cleric

Download D&D Character PDF for Oafer – Half-Orc
5E Sacrifice Domain Cleric Build

PDF Character Sheets:

D&D Backstory for Sacrifice Domain Cleric

Oafer, an aging half-orc outlander receives a visit from an Acolyte of Torm, the god of courage and sacrifice. Given a longevity potion, Oafer decides to wind back the clock a few years and serve the deity as a Cleric. The Half-Orc searches out those that need help and plans to help as many folks as he can with the time he has left. Knowing all the while that at some point, his journey will end in a glorious battle.

Check back later. More backstory to come!

Thank you for hanging out, I hope you enjoyed this character creation!
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