D&D 5E Alchemist Artificer Build – 2019 Unearthed Arcana Revised

Today we build a Vedalken Alchemist using the revised 2019 Unearthed Arcana Artificer Class. In our YouTube Artificer video, we will introduce Dovin, a Vedalken Alchemist from Ravnica that has found his way to the Forgotten Realms. We will create our Level 1 Alchemist character and then level him up through 6th level. Along the way, we will stop and discuss the Artificer abilities and the Alchemist abilities that are acquired at each level. At the end of the video is a short introduction to their spells. If you like this type of video, please leave a comment and let me know what type of character you would like to see next!

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Dovin – Vedalken – Alchemist Artificer

NOTE: There are a few errors with regards to the Homunculus’ Hit Points, the Damage done by the Returning Hand Axe and possibly a few others, so be sure to double check the character build before you use him in a game.

PDF Character Sheets:

2019 Unearthed Arcana Artificer Revised – Character Creation Video

Watch the character build for the Alchemist Artificer


At 40 years old, Dovin has already had a wide array of jobs. He was an apprentice for a blacksmith in the Boros Legion learning how to shape weapons and armor as well as bending and shaping all sorts of metals. He has also partaken in a student exchange program with the Selesnyia Conclave where he specialized in herbs and plant life. Dovin’s heart, skillset and future has always lied in the path to the Izzet League. Being a tinkerer and curious inventor growing up, he knew that his destiny would one day be fulfilled as a member of the guild that represents chaos and wild science. Dovin was also enamored by an ancient dragon, Niv-Mizzet, the leader of the Izzet League.

Dovin applied and was accepted as an attendant of the Izzet League. He spent the first six months at the head of the class and worked closely with his professor, an old goblin Alchemist named Grenzo. While Dovin was proficient with a wide array of tools that allowed him to create marvelous contraptions, he found that his true passion lied within the chemistry of potions, chemicals, and creating concoctions. It was this keen eye for alchemy that prompted Grenzo to ask his student to accompany him on an important mission within the Rakdos Guild.

Grenzo explained to the thin blue-skinned attendant that this task was top secret and he was not to mention a word to anyone. While within the lab, something went terribly wrong. Grenzo seemed to have made a miscalculation (or did he?). Within moments, the entire lab was ablaze. Grenzo grabbed a vial from the lab and the two of them escaped.

Grenzo did not divulge all of the information to Dovin but warned him that the Rakdos demon Nefarox, who was in charge of this secret lab experiment, will be coming for them. Nefarox does not tolerate this type of failure and that they should leave Ravnica as soon as possible until it is safe to return.

With ample doses of adrenaline coursing through his veins, Dovin gathers a few of his belongings and follows Grenzo through the streets. The old goblin knows of a portal that leads to a plane of existence where they will be safe. Unfortunately, they do not make it to the portal before Nefarox and four assassins catch up with them. Grenzo gives Dovin the vial of strange liquid he took from the Rakdos lab and asks him to protect it with his life. The goblin mentor then points towards the portal and tells Dovin to go on without him. Dovin takes the vial, nods to his instructor and run towards the portal. Looking over his shoulder, the young apprentice sees Grenzo standing up to the massive demon as the four assassins rush towards the portal. Dovin makes it through and the gateway to another world closes.

Dovin walks about a new world. He uses some of the little magic he knows to occasionally disguise his appearance and blend in with small crowds. Paranoid, alone and always looking over his shoulder, Dovin begins a new life in the Forgotten Realms.

Hope you enjoyed the story and the video!
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