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Discord Dragons – Unique Dragons Table!

d20 Dragon Color Breath Weapon 1 Atomic Dragon Radiation 2 Coffee Dragon Haste 3 Rust Dragon Corrosive 4 Eel Dragon Tide 5 Gravity Dragon Gravity 6 Honey Dragon Bee Swarm 7 Magnetic Dragon Magnetic 8 Quantum Dragon Enlarge/Reduce 9 Typhon Storm Dragon Thunder 10 Mimic

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Lolous, god of Beer and Revelry

Lolous, god of Beer and Revelry, is chaotic good and his holy symbol is two mugs being knocked together. He holds peoples happiness close to his heart. He was a dwarf who created beer for when the days were long and people to not feel

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Philappina (Flippy), Gnome Locksmith

Locksmith, Gnome Alignment: Chaotic Good Location: APPEARANCE: PERSONALITY: She was hedonistic and had a fondness for skinny black jewelry (onyx,obsidian, black Pearl’s, etc.). Likes to pull harmless pranks on folks. She would be the type to break into your house to hide your underwear in

Auroris - Changeling Magician D&D 5E

Auroris – Changeling Magician

Magician, Changeling Neutral Evil Location: Selling Magic Items out of Traveling Wagon (daytime) or Performing magic acts in town square or private shows (evening). APPEARANCE: Auroris is a changeling who takes the form of a rather lanky and pale Elven man with storm blue eyes,

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Othain Treewhisper – Dwarven Brewer

Brewer, Dwarf Alignment: Neutral Good Location: His home in . APPEARANCE: A plump dwarf with tangled white hair, a big puffy beard that hangs down past his bellybutton, rosey cheeks and emerald eyes. PERSONALITY: Easy going. Almost dopey. Many think Othain Treewhisper to be a

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Alamira, goddess of Family and Harmony

Alamira, goddess of Family, Harmony, and Differences is a Neutral deity set in the DISCORD domain. Alamira can be identified by her holy symbol which is a dragon and phoenix circling around a multicolored orb. A beauty in her own right, Alamira is believed to

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Ziona, goddess of Industry

Ziona, goddess of Industry, Respect of Laborers, Workplace Safety (Forge Domain) is a Lawful Neutral deity set in the DISCORD domain.  Followers of Ziona can be identified by her holy symbol which is a wrench crossed with a claw hammer over a fine-tooth gear. Ziona

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Amber Wave River

River that runs the land. It is representative of the waves of amber (and other colored) light that glimmer across the surface due to the gem deposits located within the riverbed. The town of rests on its banks.

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Welcome to Ambervain! A community homebrew world being developed by the talented folks of the Wally DM Discord server! Join us! Ambervain is a small town located on the . When the sun rises in the morning, there is a moment when the entire sky

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